Hey guys Maybelline here welcome back to my channel I don’t know why but I just keep fly-in through these products I usually don’t go through products this quickly but I just have a ton of empties to share with you that’s what we’re doing today I’m gonna show you some of the products I’ve been using up lately tell you.

Them tell you how they worked for me and let you know if I would repurchase hopefully you liked this video give it a.

If you do hit that subscribe button and we’re gonna get started the first product that I have is the strengthening cat nail polish.

Remover the one with the pump I got this from Target it.

Is the up and up brand there’s no actual branch this is the Target brand as you can see it does have a little pump so you can pump out the product on whatever you use to remove your nail polish cotton ball cotton.

Pad pip towel whatever I typically already buy this nail polish remover it is the.

Up-and-up strengthening nail polish remover my problem.

With this product is not with the formula the nail polish remover is a great nail polish remover I have nothing bad to say about the actual nail polish remover my problem with this product is the actual packaging of it the pump is it’s good but I don’t think you get a lot of product out like you really have to pump it three or four times to really get enough to saturate whatever you use I use a paper towel it just.

Takes a lot like it’s a lot of work a lot more work than just a regular nail polish bottle that you can just.

Tip over what’s also with this pump you know there’s a little one of those what do you.

Call those old straw thing that actually gets the product but can you see there’s still some product left in there that I can’t get out because of that pump it just drives me nuts I like the idea of a pump.

Because then it doesn’t spill as easily as a regular nail polish remover so it’s a little safer for my couch really that way my couch isn’t getting ruined by nail polish remover but I just I couldn’t get enough product out and it drove me nuts so the next time I do buy this formula of nail polish remover I probably won’t buy them off the pump I’ll just buy a regular bottle I can just flip over on day paper towel the next point that I have you’ve.

Probably heard me talked about a thousand times already but I’m gonna talk about it a thousand one.

Times it is the Rimmel state Matt translucent powder this is in the shade 100 transparent I absolutely love this powder I use this every single day doesn’t matter what foundation I.

Use whether it’s trucks or a high-end I use this every single time this really does keep me matte it.

Really does set my makeup beautifully I just love it it’s so affordable it’s such a good formula obviously I would definitely repurchase because this is like my fourth or fifth one but they do last me forever the only.

Thing with this is if you travel a lot it’s probably not gonna be great because they do break pretty easily I don’t travel that much so it’s not really that big of a deal for me but I did drop this on my floor once and it broke so it’s still like can’t here pretty.