Hey y’all welcome back to my channel why don’t you get on here today and do an in peace video I’m just gonna jump right into this because I’ve got two baskets full there’s so many I have a hefty bag here whitened okay I’m gonna get these out of the way first Nioxin I left one of these and hated.
One of these these do I feel like slow down the shedding of my hair the.

Number two this is empty I left this I think I like the number one and the number.

Two that I can remember order these on Amazon do you think it’s slowing.

Down the shedding I left this I replaced it with new tracks the off-brand then I Noel loves neat rocks and I think several other people gypsies so I’m trying the neutral ox it was less.

Expensive too you could set it Sully’s number six this is full I’ll use this to wash my makeup brushes because y’all the number six the number of matters on these this flattens my hair out at the root and I’m talking so flat I thought I was.

Getting bald spots that scared me and then I was like that’s not a bald.

Spot that’s flat hair I can’t use this I’m telling you this is for chemically treated hair medium to coarse and I bet they think you want to calm it down well not me what keep my volume I wash my brushes with that I went through a Sephora blender cleanser this is a cleaner for your beauty blenders I will not repurchase this because.

I never figured out how to dispense it I don’t know if that’s broken or what but I had to end up square I ended up screwing the lid up you know screw in the lid off and pouring it into a bowl with water I think I can do just as good with other with cleansers I’ll wash my beauty blenders with Nioxin.
And and as CeraVe that I can use a baby shampoo I think you can wash.

Your brushes with death soap so I will not be repurchasing that I went through some Neutrogena wops I order these on Amazon and a box of six I enjoy them I keep them right here by my desk and I clean it i shadow fall out I clean up my eye shadow and I like these spines but I think there are other brands people like better that are not as oily.

So I may trust something else when I run out of my five other packages I went through and Herbal Essences moose I left this if you’ve been with if you’re new here I’ll let this this is my Holy Grail moose and I like it in any formula this is the set me up I think I like this fun I like the volumizing really well these are very.

Inexpensive I keep about four backups I love this.

Then I have a sky-high volume from Fructis I’m finally throwing this away I’ve had this for a while this was horrible on my hair I jewelry wash it I don’t remember.

If it was made it real stiff or admitted to.

Ball I hated this and I love the fruity she’ll hate the sky high.

Volume going through a clear care for contacts if you are context I left this it founds like hydrogen peroxide really cleans the dust off of them and.

I live in the desert so I have a lot of dust I got to keep my contacts clean if you use this though the red lid I take that as a caution stop do not.

Put this directly in your eyes and you have to have a special container it comes.

With to put it takes six hours for this to work read the direction I have a Nivea men pure impact but I’d let y’all know my husband like this if you’re looking for one for your husband he has real itchy skin and he likes this one I have a Fructis pure clean I like.

What I get not ordering on Amazon never can’t find more than a three.

This is in every empty studio just about I have a Bed Head superstore I left this this has been in my hair get ready with me I love this when my hair is wet I’d use the.

Gel the mousse and then I sprayed this all over it and dry it and then I do other stuff too I like my hair video okay then I have three mascaras and I have an empty essence with the purple lid this is my hologram yeol I love this but I top it with something too I have it on today with lash paradise over it this this is the best for me the best.

Mascara I’ve tried all year then I have.

An empty Mac hot naughty I love this – this is probably second in line to.

The essence with the purple lid I have two backups of this and I just haven’t opened it yet because I’m making myself you so there’s defense so.

I love the matte cotton knotty if you’re looking for a new mascara that’s a good one but the essence I paid five dollars and get one half off at all so I ordered those in bulk okay and then I have a.

Voluminous in carbon black and this is not empty but I’m not using it AB I just don’t want to I have other stuff I like better and I just uh I think life is too short you know not to left the makeup you’re wearing it it’s old.

That’s pretty old okay better actually used up an age rewind this is great this does not cover as much to me as okay I’ve just spoiled to the shape tape the Norris and the.

Pot color pop I like for a touch-up there’s just a lot of other stuff that I like this does not get used trying to use up another one of these y’all I finally finished up a purity cleanser was great and it.

Lasted forever my only gripe about this is the bottle it’s stiff and I’ve said that before and I’ve had people say get the travel sauce with the pack I’ll do that next time I buy one of these I did not.

Repurchase this because I’m using other stuff out.

And I reordered Theia Bashi because I’m about to start that whole line this lasted forever does not dry you out get your makeup off it’s very nice a lot of people love that in rattly so it’s great.

Okay then I have another y’all have another sky high volume hate this I still hate it and then I have a holiday cheer circle eat candle I love all the circle eat candles out order these online or I get them in a kiosk in the middle of the mall.

And I’m never at the mall so I’ll order them online and I think this one was fun bet the but it’s easier though I like to get on bath and body and order in.

Bulk and keep a box for gifts and I like leaves I like salty caramel.

But the certainly candles are nice it’s kind of expensive I have not repurchase to that that and I enjoyed it while I had it then I’m retiring I’m not returning it.

This one has cut my head on fire Connie ah I had it for years I better have five to ten years and it was great but now I have my new hairdryer it really blasts my hair dry so fast but.