Hey everyone so today I’m going to be doing a first impression / review / haircare routine using all Korean hair care products that was sent to me by the lovely people from w2 beauty and basically it’s a site to where you can find a lot of Korean beauty products from skincare to beauty products to hair care products so.

They allowed me to select any hair care products that I would like to try out okay so in there I selected a shampoo conditioner moisturizing cream a hair treatment and an oil serum so I’m going to showing you everything that I selected and also their description so that.

You all would know their functions and after that I’m going to use it on my hair and then I’m gonna tell you guys the results so let’s get started okay so.

The first one that I got is this in this free my hair recipe moisturizing shampoo.

And it says that this delivers intense hair moisturization through natural proteins from Jeju soybean complex which revitalizes the scalp and also gives radians in else tissa tea to the hair and then the next one is.

The Innisfree my hair recipe moisturizing conditioner and it says here that it can strengthen and add radiance and elasticity while hydrating and nourishing the hair with the judg of green tea and camellia flower extracts and then I also got this in this free my hair recipe moisturizing hair pack for dry hair and this invigorates dry hair while it also encourages a healthier scalp and hair growth and also I was interested in the real line so I tried out their ryu anti hair loss nutritive treatment and this nourishes the entire hair and.

Strengthen your roots it also contains green tea and.

Ginger extracts that protects the hair root with leaving cooling effects as well and then the last one that i got is a ryu black sprout hair oil and this oil is full of nutrients that can help moisturize your hair and scalp and it also quickly absorbs and it’s not sticky when applied to the hair okay so I’m gonna go ahead and.

That my hair is fully soaked in water I will first use the shampoo of course and also this comes with.

A pump just good the texture almost looks like a gel and it so Hoss.

At gel consistency two plus this smells really good since his claims that it’s moisturizing I decided to apply this all over my hair instead of just my scalp just to check and see if it doesn’t dry out my hair alright so now that’s done I’ll just go ahead and rinse it off now my hair actually at this moment does feel softer after but we’re not yet done.
Because I’m moving on to my roots so I will be using the anti hair.

Loss nutritive treatment and it says that this needs to be put of course on your scalp so it looks like this and this has a creamy consistency and also it has a nice fresh fragrance to it.

So I just went ahead and apply that all over my head and I made sure to focus.

It on my roots and scalp and I also do notice that as soon this hits your scalp it gives you this minty cool sensation which I find very relaxing so I’m going to.

While so in the meantime I will be using the Innisfree moisturizing conditioner on the mid in the bottom part of my hair and then I’m leaving this on for five minutes and then I’ll wash it off along with the scalp treatment I will be using the my hair recipe moisturizing hair cream and it looks like this it actually looks like a like a gel it’s more like translucent and it smells just like the shampoo alright I’m gonna go ahead and.

Try out the texture first oh okay so it’s almost like waxy but it’s very light take some I’m just gonna put this onto the bottom part of my hair.

Apply that here especially just on to my ends alright so after that now I’m going to leave that on my hair for ten minutes and then wash it off with water and then just air dry my hair after okay so right now my hair is about 98% dry at the moments not completely dry but however planning to put on the oil especially just.

On the ends of my hair right hair right now looks like it’s a curtain okay so for the final and finishing touches on.

My hair I’m going to be using this black sprout hair oil alright so it looks like this it has a pump so I’m gonna go ahead and probably I’ll use two pumps and it looks like that and wow the oil is very lightweight and also this.

Oil smells really good it actually reminds me of my Lacoste touch of pink perfume it smells exactly like it and I couldn’t waste rice’s my ends but however it doesn’t make my hair feel sticky.

Probably I can just apply just the excess.

Of the leftover oils all over my hair right here right you guys I’m just gonna wait for my entire hair to completely dry and then I’m gonna be telling you all my final thoughts about it so yeah that’s it hey guys so this is the next day actually I’m purposely waited till the next day before I would give my final thoughts about it just because I was testing out um.

Is still going to be moisturize after 24 hours the feeling of it the smell.

Of my hair so I can really tell and I can really say that my hair still feels very soft and smooth and I really like the smell I think it’s a combination of the shampoo the conditioner and of course the the moisturizer cream and however though I think the oil serum that I put especially on my ends really make my end smell like they have perfume although the smell is not too strong anymore but.

That all of the products that I got really moisturize my hair and it even made my hair softer and also manageable and this is very great and beneficial to some of you who are dyeing.

Your hair or if your hair is really dry the shampoo and.

The conditioner can be really a great remedy and also as well as the oil serum a moisturizing cream as I’ve said you guys my hair doesn’t look way down or it doesn’t look oily at all which is such a great thing because at first that was kind of like my main concern to the hair fall treatment was also good and as.

I’ve said it has this minty cooling sensation on your scalp so your scalp feels very clean and cool after looking fully say that I actually really like everything that I got so thank you very much again to w2 beauty for sending all of these for me to try out if you guys want to check out their website or if you all want to check out everything that I’ve got on this video I’m just.