Hi everybody welcome back to pumpkin spice week think this is if I have my videos in order the way that I think that I will think that you’re probably watching the last day of pumpkin spice week what we’re doing for today is the pumpkin spice the republic of tea and let’s see what this is it says tea tempers.

The spirit and harmonizes the mind dispels less lassitude I don’t even know what lassitude is but it’s.

Supposed to dispel that and I’m pretty sure that means it’s gonna get rid of something bad let me know and relieves fatigue awakens.

Thought and prevents drowsiness the spirit of tea is one of peace comfort and refinement and that’s a quote from Lu Yu the sage of tea.

Who knew who knew there was a sage tea not me I didn’t know okay so this is placed a bag in a cup I have borrowed John’s.

Pink Floyd mug that I gave him for Christmas I hope he doesn’t mind he won’t so we’re supposed to put this in up you hear that that’s my.

Water it’s ready for the tea ingredients are black tea ginger cinnamon natural ginger and pumpkin flavors have said ginger twice sweet blackberry leaves nutmeg cloves and allspice and of course as I mentioned earlier it’s just a round teabag doesn’t have strange staples and tags it’s better for the environment smells like pumpkin already so I’m gonna go get my boiling water we’ll come back let it steep then we’ll take a sip of time what we think okay so I’ve got my water.

Boiled I’m just gonna pour it in here we’re going to let this steep a couple minutes then we’ll come back we’ll.

Taste it well let you know what we think of it actually probably going to go get a little little container of sugar a lot of times if you put sugar in a flavored tea it will bring out the flavor of the Tabas.

Peschel ii does that for like a lemon ting something like that so we’ll just let this sit here for a minute we’ll be.

Right back okay so we’re back the time has passed and we’ll go ahead now because it doesn’t have a.
Tag string staple or anything.

Like that but you can sort of grab your tea bag out of there you will have to spoon that out and.

We’ll go ahead and take a sip I’m not gonna put the sugar in yet I want to see what happens with the flavour just initially it smells nice you smell a lot of cinnamon and clove actually this is a kind of bland egg I’m not I’m not getting a lot of flavor on with mr. Dahle so I will go ahead and put a tablespoon of sugar in there let’s see if it that and bring the flavor out a little bit thus far it tastes.

Like hot cinnamon water if you really want to know the truth now still hot cinnamon water this is a bust the Republic of tea pumpkin spice I’m not even gonna give this one star okay not evil one star it’s not there’s no pumpkin flavor in that I can smell the clove and I can smell the cinnamon but I don’t taste any pumpkin in that at all so that is two thumbs down from me but I tried it for you before you have to go out and pay for it so that’s good news for you.

With that said don’t forget click the like button and come subscribe how you feel free to leave a comment if you think that the Republic attained the pumpkin spice is a great flavor let me know I’m not afraid of a little bit of feedback don’t forget you guys let me try it before you buy it you guys have a great holiday happy Halloween.