And if it sisters today I’m gonna be talking about the theory drops Quattro mascara and I recently subscribed up from sesor and it’s quite funny because I had both this mascara and heroine make mascara in my shopping cart and I was deciding between the two mascara and then the invite actually decided on heroin makes mascara and then took.

It out of my car for some bizarre reason my brain told me to do that so I ended up.

With a few drops in sky anyway and it is turned out to be kind of.

Well it’s not kind of failed it’s a fail for me for sure so the correct description say theory drops Quatro mascara comes with Quattro brush which has bristles stretched into four bobbled curls to fit the lashes it is designed to place mascara onto the lashes in just the right place and lifts them at the same time from the saloon moniz curl this mascara has pretty packaging it’s very functional much like any other mascara.

The mascara wand has four bubbles and I give this why it would be called a Quattro mascara which are supposed to cuddle your.

Lashes and lift them up the problem for me is that the bubbles pull out way too much mascara I can solve the problem of too much products by wiping off the excess on to the room of the mascara bottle but there’s actually still too.

Much product on the brush so I need to wipe it off onto a clean tissue it’s not the end of the world but I found.

It really wasteful this is what it looks like when a mascara wand is fresh out of the.

Tube and this is what it looks like when I wipe off the excess mascara the bubbles do catch all.

Of the mascara but such as opposed to face the bubbles inwards to fit your lashes all of the products get supply.

Straight to the base of the lashes which makes it very very intense I just don’t like how the mascara looks on my lashes without wiping that extras off no offense to anybody who does like a big.

Bold lash but it’s too much for me personally this is what my lashes look like using obscure eye as it is I found that my mesh is clump together a lot.

I just have quite a lot of lashes normally next to a rifle mesh but this gives a look of consolation I don’t seem to have quite.

As many eyelashes as I did before I think it also comes down to the fact that I personally prefer fluffy elections rather than second lashes I really do find this mascara hard to use because there is just so much product on the brush.

This is how much mascara gets wiped off afterwards there is still plenty of mascara on the wand and I can do.

Both my upper and lower lashes without having to reset my brush but for the amount of the scar that is on the tissue there is a lot of ways to disguise this is what my lashes look like if I wipe the excess off this is my ideal look fine lashes I still like the formula and still like the wand but I have to wipe off a lot of it to actually use it so I love it.

Sky has pretty functional packaging and it is quite flat roof I don’t last as the one has just way too much product on it I need to work off a lot of product and that means that I waste a lot of it I find that this mascara makes my lashes look too.

Chunky and that is just my personal preference so this just not the right mascara.