Hello princesses today I will be talking about it it has the syndrome Mulder defense suncream I picked this up because it was on sale at rosary shop for about like three dollars I think three euros dollars which was like too good of a deal to pass up on I knew nothing about the sunscreen but I always need new.

Sunscreen so I decided to pick up unboxing it you guys probably would have seen this feature on my channel a couple of times this has probably got.

The biggest white cast I have ever tried um which can be a blessing and a curse for me it is a blessing because you can still see that my face is.

Slightly paler than rest of my body it actually isn’t so much difference that because the light is shining on it and my face this board in front of my neck it.

Does create a shadow on my neck it’s not really that bad in real life I promise and Francis is back in.

C10 at the moment so I’m back in May.

In c10 finally my tans are subsiding but when I came in from Europe my neck was so much darker than my face because it was summer there my hands and my arms it’s still pretty dark in comparison as well so this was actually a blessing in disguise because I have been using this almost exclusively on my neck to lighten up my neck skin in comparison to my face so I can still wear the same foundations that I have in my draw obviously it.

Has a double benefit of being a sunscreen meaning that is gonna be protecting my skin from darkening or giving any more sun damage.

While lightening it to the same tone but just in lighter color so the product description says this gentle sunscreen users as physical filters such as titanium dioxide to protect against sun damage it has SPF 49 p8 + plus provides minimal coverage reapply every two hours I don’t knowit’s eyes provide minimal coverage because of.
SPF of 49 is actually not that bad but that’s okay so declare a fight.

This is a physical sunscreen that doesn’t contain any chemical filters but it does contain a thick oxide and titanium dioxide however these are nanoparticles which means that this is not a reef safe.

Sunscreen so please do not use this if you have swimming near coral reefs okay so excuse me here you’ll see my I’ve been such a museum in a couple of minutes but first let’s talk about the product itself these.

Sunscreen is packaged in a classic white squeeze tube that has just your little basic nozzle at the top it’s easy to get the sunscreen out and it’s stored tip down so that the sunscreen makes its way down to.

The tip anyway this means that you tarnish like is it really hard or like shake it too much to actually get the product out anger the Lasser the packaging is the same as all of the other syndrome product it has the black pens like really pretty blue writing and that’s pretty much it the sunscreen itself is white in color and has a pretty.

Thick texture it’s really easy to blend.

Out on the skin but sometimes it does take a little bit of a rub to get it in I’m not such a fan of it because I don’t like to tug at my skin but that’s just kind of the way it is it has very little scent almost I would say no simple which was really surprising it doesn’t even smell like like it doesn’t even smell like chemicals which is really nice and it does leave a fairly strong white cast another important thing to note is that.
You will need at least 15 to.

20 minutes others to trade down properly if you try to play the makeup or clothing over the top of it.

It’ll rub off onto your clothing and that’s why my hair is up in a bun at the moment and it will also make your makeup start to slide around so it’s.

Important to let it sit properly so I’m going to start by applying this to my face and I’m also going to apply it to my neck today because my neck is still a couple of it’s ten other than the reef stuff like through my face so I’m setting up with a pea-sized amount which may not look like enough but honestly it’s a little bit tricky to apply so I would start with just a little bit less than you think you need and then you.

Can always layer it on top this is my times we’ve met with a white cast it is.

Like your classic like hated sunscreen is like a child it has a thick pad to rub in texture and at least streaky white streaks everywhere I cannot pack this one in because it literally doesn’t go anywhere so I’m forced to gently sort of rub it in and so if you have to rub it and I definitely recommend using your full thing or third finger to do so rather than your first finger because I find that if I use the index finger because it’s more like of.

A dominant and strong finger and it’s a bit too harsh on my skin Mac so that is the sunscreen applied now if I was going outside for a full.

Day what I would do is wait 15 minutes to dry down and then probably apply another layer of it over the top just to ensure that I’ve got full coverage of the sunscreen this might.

Sound like really ridiculous but I use a less than the standard amount initially because I would need a quarter of a teaspoon to cover just my face so this means that the sunscreen is probably a little bit too spread out.

To actually give me proper coverage obviously if you’re putting a sunscreen on you want it to protect you from the Sun right you got to put it on.

Properly such a day I almost leave me doing my neck because as.

You can kind of see now my face is a little bit whiter than my neck and since way Nick is ten at the moment I kind of enjoy the white cast that.

This sunscreen provides because it makes my foundations look like the right color all of my foundations are the same pale shade so for me this is a really good way of making it look a little.

Toned in without actually having to buy another foundation because I don’t want to really stay this color so I kind of don’t see the point.

Than purchasing like an expensive or even a cheap foundation just two matches once this skin color I would rather fade the tan out so this of course does double duty for.

Me I’m going to be matching my foundation to this Nick color now and is also can we particularly from the Sun and preventing more tanning or skin image so in this way it’s better than using a primer to actually change the colour of my skin or the tip of my skin because the.

Primers don’t give you that much sun protection this length is SPF for 49p a-plus-plus so it’s not bad I’m gonna put just a little bit around the neckline so you can see that there’s a.

Little bit of a line but just be careful of the sunscreen because it does stay in the clothing so if.

You get it on your clothing be prepared.

To help the white sunscreen work on your clothing for ever so in normally.

What I would do is put it on before I get dressed but I can’t just.

Sit here shirtless so you know so that is bull ended and nice and easily I need to do.

The back of my neck as well because I Beckett many things really turn but I’m gonna do that off camera so this is let the sunscreen.

That’s up up close you can see that it still has a fair white cast on my skin I’m a Knick and it gives a sort of duty finish it’s only been a couple minutes so it’s still really quite sticky and tacky although it does feel moisturized and I find that.

This is in my space if my skin it feels like a little bit dry and it needs a thick of moisturizing sunscreen but to be honest I don’t use it that much on my face because it has such a bad white cast my space skin has already lighter than the rest of my body so.

I don’t want to make it look lighter so I’ve pretty much been exclusively using this on my neck so yeah it doesn’t affect for the longevity of my foundation so I’m not.

Going to be doing any chickens for this there aspects of the sunscreen that I really like in aspects that I do not like at all so it is a very very 5050.

Product for me I actually really like that it has a really bright white cast because my skin tends really easily but I tend to not turn my face because I’m really good every applying my sunscreen when wearing hats sometimes my chest area and definitely my hands and my neck.

Do 10 in comparison so this is actually really helpful because it reminds me to put it on because I want the rest of my body to be the same color if evens out my skin tone because it makes it just as.

Makes at the same time but just brighter so it doesn’t make me look brave I am a very fair person morally so I am in C tin at the moment and.

My knickers are faded that too in detail but my hands are probably more along the lines of NC 15 so if this definitely does help and it doesn’t make me looking great however if you have a deeper skin tone that may make you.

Look a little bit ashy and gray I’m not entirely sure it is also a very thick cream so if you have dry skin then this is going to be a really good sunscreen for you because it’s really nourishing and moisturizing however if you have oily skin it is going to be absolutely probably very awful because it’s gonna.

Feel too thick and too heavy on your skin it’s also really important to cleanse the sunscreen off thoroughly and I did need an oil cleanser every single time that I used it just a normal foaming cleanser there’s not enough to get.

This off of your skin so if you have highly acne prone skin I would definitely recommend maybe staying away from this one or if you haven’t be using it really do make sure that you clean it off thoroughly because I did find that sometimes there were some residues to lift on my neck like I would go scratch my neck and then I.