Acid yes I finally said it right this time salicylic acid perfect okay so I’m going to be getting honest reviews honest online reviews from people that actually used this product tried it tested it I must say there are a lot of mixed reviews there’s some reviews that will be 5 stars and will be for thousands possibly be 1.
Or 2 stars meaning being some.

People have more sensitive skin than others people with more.

Sensitive skin usually do reviews or make reviews that are a lot lower than people have not so sensitive to cancer if you have a reaction to this product it could just be because your skin is very sensitive another disclaimer is that if you are using this product so that if you are using this product with any other quite strong or harsh chemicals or product you are going to get a reaction a lot.

Of people don’t realize this they’ll buy a product purchase it they’ll get a bad reaction and they’ll say oh this product broke my skin out they may not be using it in the correct way so I’m just gonna.
Read a bit about the product I’m gonna.

Tell you what it is read a bit about it the direction touching I’m going to be reading the yummy yummy yummy reviews so let’s go so I’m reading reviews.

From a website called Beauty Bay yes it’s a creditable it’s a legitimate website is a perfectly legitimate website it’s perfectly fine there’s nothing to worry about I’ve ordered from this website before and I must say is perfectly fine to do so okay so it’s called salicylic acid 2% solution it’s a 30 mil and it’s only.
Four pounds twenty five it’s so.

Cheap and it’s by the ordinary of course so I’m just going to read a bit about it okay so it says a daily treatment for blemishes gently exfoliating the inside walls of the skin the salicylic acid 2% solution Clair’s and clarifies the complexion to be used directly over.

Blemishes only this strong said visibly reduces redness and inflammation by targeting congested pause so it comes in a 15 mil bottle and it comes in a 30 mil bottle the ingredients.

Are quite long so if anyone wants to know what the ingredients are just google it and check online it’s very very easy I’m just gonna read the directions applied morning and nights directly over blemishes do not rinse so.
Remember morning and night directly over blemishes not all over.

Your face just over blemishes okay.

Start with you this product got rid of most of my spots on my face after just one use my skin tone seems more even and the spots and the sports I couldn’t get off my face for weeks went away after the first week of use Wow another five-star review amazing for that.

Kids that awful blackheads on my nose.

Disappeared after free uses only thing I found that works I have tried so many products before this okay so this one’s a 2 star review so it’s slightly different to the other two and let’s see what this person had to say I will not repurchase it was okay it.

Didn’t notice it any different she meant I didn’t notice any difference I didn’t notice any difference however the price is really good okay so this.

Person said that she didn’t notice any difference so it’s not necessarily this one one star wow it’s kind of long review.