Hey guys it’s Nitin here with the ultimate ebook creator and in this video I’m gonna show you step by step how to create a recipe book from scratch take that recipe book and view it or review it using the Kindle desktop viewer and then I’ll also upload the same recipe book on my wife’s Kindle Fire to show you.

Exactly how it looks on the Kindle Fire and then finally I’m gonna take the same file which will be in.

Format and go through the process of publishing that book right on Amazon KDP.

So we have a lot to cover so let’s get started okay so before we get into showing you how to create the recipe book in the ultimate you were created I wanted to quickly show you because I’m really excited that collectively now I have over 3,000 customers and between them they have created over three thousand e books on Amazon Kindle and other platforms but mainly.

Amazon Kindle and they just wanted to show you some of the books that they have.

Created ok so these are the books and as you can see you know there are some some of the customers have created multiple books and then some some of them have more than one book and some people have just one book so here’s a list obviously you know I’m not going to show you all 3,000 because and don’t really have the time to to put together a web page with 3000 but.

Here that this there’s about 60 books that have I’ve.

Put put down and I will add many more as we.

Go on but I just wanted to quickly show.

You that yeah if you’re thinking you know if you’re into Minds if you think that the ultimate evil creator you know can he create comic books.

Yes can you create fiction nonfiction poetry books fixed-fixed lay out any type of book you want to create on Amazon the UEC or the ultimate ebook creator will will let you do.

That okay alright so we’ll go back to our tutorial on creating the recipe book so first of all before I start creating the recipe book I just want to show you some basics of the ultimate ebook creator and establish a baseline so.

We all understand the terminology okay so this is the ultimate ebook creator and this is the main screen now the screen is actually split up into two windows okay the left window is which I call the navigation window where it lets you actually navigate from one.

Element to the other like this and then.

This is exact this is actually where we are going to build our chapters and our sections okay and we have some default information that we also have to fill out and.

Then on the right hand side you will see the detail screen which is which is related to the item that we select on the left hand side so for example here we see for the book information.

The detail screen for the book information and then when we go to the cover page it’ll tell you that you need to browse and select the cover image and then the title page so here we’ll define our title page and our copyright information and then we come to the table of contents which is really a view where you can kind of you know put some style to your table of contents and as you will see as.

We’re going through this video that the table of content is actually built automatically as you add the chapters and sections in this in this left-hand navigation okay and one.

More terminology you need to know is that chapter is created as a main chapter and then underneath the chapter we have what I call a section okay so basically we can create a two level deep content and that will show up as two levels in the table of contents so the concept is we add a chapter and then under that.

Chapter we can add multiple sections so you can add as many sections as you want under a chapter okay and you.

Can add as many chapters as you want okay so we are going to create three recipes in this recipe book which is just a sample recipe book hopefully between the three recipes I’ll be.

Able to demonstrate a lot of the formatting features that are available in the ultimate ebook created now there’s a whole bunch of other formatting that you can do but just keep the video short I’m gonna focus on the.

Main formatting that you will probably be doing throughout creating an e-book okay so we’re gonna go through the main options now what I’ve done is I have gone to a website called all recipes okay and I’m not stealing any of these recipes as you well know it’s you know you shouldn’t be taking recipes for your own but for demonstration purposes this will be just fine so what I’m gonna do is I’m actually going to create a recipe book with.

Three recipes like I said the first will be.

A breakfast and then we’ll go to a main course and then we’ll do a dessert so here we’ve got our breakfast recipe and by the way I’ve tried we’ve tried all these recipes or I should say my wife has made all these recipes and they do work so I do recommend all recipes SIA is a really good website with some really nice recipes so this will be the main course and then we’ll go into the dessert which is my favorite extreme chocolate cake who doesn’t like this alright so we’ll start with the the.

Broccoli or the easy broccoli quiche right and we’re gonna go really simple on this recipe and then I’ll show you some advanced techniques that enable you to kind of create this kind of formatting and things like that okay but for the.

First one let’s just go really simple and then we’ll see how it goes so let’s go back to the ultimate ebook creator so the ultimate ebook creator has the concept of a.

Project so each ebook that you you create you are going to create a project and then that project will be exported to a mobile file for Amazon kin or an ePub or a word file or a PDF okay so there are various options here as of this video we have all these options and you can output so the concept is that you create a new project here and then once you finish.

With the project you make sure you save everything so you can go back to the project and then you do the final rendering which I call the export so you export to Amazon Kindle mobi or ePub etc.

Etc okay so we’ll say file new and if we asked you you know Save Changes obviously we haven’t done anything we’ll click no and the first thing we’re gonna type in is Prabha that’s my wife’s name Provost recipe book alright and just to keep.

Things short and sweet what we’re gonna do.