In this episode of 10 best ones we are going to check out the top 5 best evaporative coolers in 2018 I made this list based on my personal opinion and I tried to list them based on their price quality durability and more if you want to see the price and find out more information about these evaporative coolers you.

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Get started with the video at number 5 we have the quillo qe1 SKS the quillo qe1 SKS is a powerful portable cooler with multifunctional capabilities that is widely known for its impressive performance that can be compared with other coolers that cost more money from a design perspective this unit has a solid built construction with quality grilles that are positioned at the front a nice compartment that is positioned at the top and you will.

Notice it instantly when you open the lid as well as two handles positioned on each side that will help you move it anywhere at the bottom you will find the water level indicator and the wheel Castor’s that have a smooth.

Rollover so they won’t produce any scratches on your floor while you’re moving it from one place to another but now let’s talk.

About the performance as I’ve stated at the beginning this unit has multifunctional capabilities well this means that the quillo can operate as an evaporative cooler and as a humidifier so.

If we compare this with its price I have to admit that this doesn’t happen very often moving on this cooler is built upon the brushless motor technology which makes the device extremely silent during its operation without requiring a large amount of energy.

Consumption with the intention to minimize your costs I would also want to mention that this unit is primarily designed for rapid cooling and you can use it in any season due to the fact that the quillo can output a great amount of controllable airflow that can effectively cool you during the summer while at the winter you can use it as a humidifier another great thing about this.

Device is its innovative water tank filter which does a pretty good job in the prevention of hair dust and other particles from entering the water.

Tank and this by default means that you can use it for a longer period of time to.
Conclude I strongly recommend you consider the quillo.

Qe1 SKS as your next purchase since this unit can easily surpass many high end coolers with its performance moving on at number four we have the evapo lor personal air cooler the evapo lor personal air cooler has become an attractive option because it has received many positive reviews about its.

Performance and its fancy look that packs built-in LED lights that can significantly enhance your room ambient from.

A design perspective the evaporative coolers such as black white and blue so you can choose the one that suits your taste the best at the back there is a grill that is for.

An air intake but you can also notice that there is yet another one on the front but this one is for an air output also.

At the back there is a micro USB port which is really innovative since.

You can plug your laptop or battery if you’d like without any problem on the top of the unit you will notice the display and the circular control wheel of which you can take an advantage for making various adjustments and the display will always notify you about everything moreover the bottom of the evapo is protected with rubber grips while at the left there is a 750 milliliters water tank that is followed by LED lighting so you can choose between green red blue and white which is really cool.

Now let’s talk about the features the evapo has.

Multifunctional capabilities or to be more precise it can serve as a cooler humidifier and purifier so your home.
Will not only be effectively.

Cool but it will be a healthy place to live in which is always welcome I’d also want to mention that the manufacturer claims that this unit can cool an area of 45 square feet so I have to say that that’s good for its price tag when it comes to the energy consumption the evapo lurkin seems only 10 watts a electricity so your electricity bills won’t be high in this summer finally users claim that this cooler doesn’t produce an annoying sound and it is quiet so you can leave.

It to perform during the night without any problem overall the evapo lor personal air cooler would be the right choice if you’re looking for an innovative and powerful evaporative cooler that will never.

Disappoint you with its performance next up at number three we have the Honeywell MN 10 CES the Honeywell MN 10 CES is a mid-range highly capacitive evaporative air conditioner that can cool areas of up.

To 350 square feet and at the same time it can remove the excess moisture from your air so let’s find.

Out what’s so special about it from a design perspective the MN 10 CES is available in three color editions such as the black and silver which we are currently reviewing and all black and the all-white version so regardless of your choice I’d like you to know that all of them perform the same so your choice would be a simple matter.

Of taste at the front there.

Is the screen which consists of responsive touch controls and what I really like about it is that the display glows so you can.

Have a clear sight even at the night in addition this unit is supported by four durable wheels that will not only preserve their original quality for years but they will drastically ease your movement so you can position the.

Cooler anywhere you want I would also want to mention that this unit comes with a remote control of which you can take an advantage in.

Order to make various adjustments while laying on your couch so.

You wouldn’t have to stand up every time when you’d want to make changes but now let’s talk about the performance the Honeywell mn1 Oh CES uses the three-in-one technology which means that you can use it as a dehumidifier an AC unit.

Or as a cooler which speaks much about versatility if you use it as a dehumidifier then I’d like to inform you that according to the manufacturer model has a dehumidification capacity of up to 66 pints per day which I find it very useful in terms of.

A performance the Honeywell MN 100 CES has a 10,000 BTU rate which means that within a really short.

Period of time areas that are large as 350 square feet will be effectively cooled moreover since it has a self evaporation system you wouldn’t have to bring a bucket around you which is really convenient and if we add that.

It’s filtration system is washable you will indeed have a cooler that guarantees a convenient usage.

To conclude if you’re looking for a versatile mid-range cooler then.

The right choice moving on at number 2 we have the Honeywell Co 60 PM the Honeywell co 60 PM is a.

Portable three-in-one cooling fan that was manufactured by a reliable brand on the market that has never stopped surprising any of us throughout the past years from a design perspective the co 60 PM features a UV and.

Weather resistant construction finished in white and blue so when you see it as a whole it looks really handsome at the.

Are four durable feet that will let you move the cooler anywhere you want and they will last for years as well so even if you’ve been using this cooler.

For years you will barely recognize any physical difference in addition that this unit has a durable honeycomb that is present on its three sides but you can also see a top-loading ice compartment with a huge capacity of up to fifteen point nine gallons of water so once you fill it to its maximum you wouldn’t have to do that many times so you can relax instead.

I’d also want to mention that the co 60 PM has three circular buttons on its side or to be more precise one of them is labeled as cool the second is for the speed and the third is the swing so you can make various adjustments until you find your optimal cooling but now let’s talk about the performance the Honeywell.

Co 60 PM as I’ve stated at the beginning has multifunctional capabilities which means that you can use it as an evaporative cooler with fan and as a humidifier for your ultimate experience moving on according to the manufacturer this unit produces an air flow of 1540 cubic feet per.

Minute while on the other side it can effectively cool indoor spaces of up to 850 square feet so as you can see we are talking about a highly versatile device when it comes to.

The energy expenditure this unit.

Requires 220 watts of power to run but if we take into consideration its powerful performance this is fairly normal to conclude the Honeywell Co 6 TPM would be a really good option if you’re looking for a cooling fan that completely justifies its.

And offers even more value since it is equally good for indoor and outdoor usage and finally at number one we have the portico packed to case ICO one the portico packed to case ICO one has been in the market for a couple of years but due to its exceptionally good performance it has managed to maintain itself as a top choice for everyone who wants to invest in a high-end evaporative cooler from a design perspective this cooler boasts an all-black leak-proof rust-free polyethylene housing which will ensure that this unit will.

Maintain its original performance and quality even if you’ve been using it for many years at the bottom there are four wheels which will not only keep the cooler steady.

In place but they will also make you able to move it and place.