Thanks for checking out our Channel stick around for a special message all right you’re seeing my face at a good 100 times magnification I don’t know what that little brown spot is but that is on where my moustache would be had I not shaved today and I did shave today but this is five o’clock shadow right turn this.

Off if you’re offended by plucking and I am taking a black hair off of just next to my lip there you see I have removed it will instant replay that mofo for you in a second but first let’s focus back in on it and.

Interesting right alright so we’ll go back leave your comments if you would like to see more of these black hair plucking videos from my face my five o’clock shadow alright let’s see the replay alright.

And this isn’t intended to offend anyone this isn’t intended to be gross it’s supposed to just show you what it looks like to remove hair from the skin up close with tweezers regular tweezers regular stubble and there you go check it out at the end of this.
Video I’m going to show you the three.

Main parts of hair and you can actually see them very close in this video thanks for watching subscribe goodbye hey folks today I’ve got the best set of tools.

For skin maintenance and blemish removal you’re talking about a comedone extractor kit take a look if you.

Have to remove blackheads this is a safe way to go about doing it.

It’s easy precise and lowers the risk of scarring and secondary infection there.

Are several tools each of different ends for different purposes including a Lancet for loosening pores and performing precise punctures if.

The steel instruments are solid can come in a compact case.

For easy traveling so to sum up these extractors are a simple but effective tool they do something.

Your fingers can’t and probably shouldn’t do so check out the link in the description if you’d like to get one for yourself or your family see you next time.