Today on the makeup we’re tackling eyelash growth serum and we’re tackling three categories prescription over-the-counter and natural remedies alrighty let’s start with the Beyonce of lash serums Latisse it actually originated from a glaucoma medicine that magically made people’s lashes longer and thicker a pretty amazing side effect hashtag blessed the only fda-approved treatment proven to make lashes grow is.

Prescription only and contains an active ingredient called by Matta procced by Matta Pross mimics the effects of natural chemicals.

Produced in our bodies called prostaglandins which reduce eye pressure Latisse contains point zero three percent by Matta procced and application is.

Key when it comes to seeing results and.

Avoiding unwanted side-effects after your eyes are clean from makeup and residue and you’ve removed contacts if you wear them apply Latisse to the root of.
Your upper lashes only you can put it on during the day but it’s.

Recommended to apply nightly for at least a month to see results and since nothing’s perfect except you know if John Krasinski and Lee bliss relationships know that hair may grow outside the treatment area so be sure that you don’t accidentally drop that applicator on your face personally I apply Latisse every night for a few weeks and then once I get my lashes of the link that I prefer I use Latisse like.

Once a week just for maintenance okay so there are some other reported side effects too like itchy red eyes and yes you’ve probably heard that Latisse may cause darkening or discoloration on your eyelids and iris personally I’ve only seen the lids become a little darker around my lash line but nothing major and honestly I kind of find.

It sexy also it’s rare that the iris actually changes color but of course Allergan wants to warn us of any and all possible side effects all that said the tease is one of the only latch enhancing products that actually worked for me I’m using it now to help my lashes after some of the wear and tear I’ve gotten from my lash lips what if you don’t wanna have to deal with the hassle of a prescription we’ve seen an influx.

Of over-the-counter lash enhancing products but do they actually work many OTC lash serums are packed with peptides and fatty ass they’re supposed to stimulate growth and strengthen your lashes biotin you know that B vitamin that promises to help strengthen your hair skin and nails is one of the most common active ingredients in all of these.

Lash products some also contain vitamins A E and C to promote hair growth and provide nutrients to lashes hyaluronic acid to condition and moisturize for green tea and.

Other botanical ingredients to nourish lashes essentially these over-the-counter.

Like lash conditioners they promise to help with sparse hairs or breakage because eyelashes are hair Duff and things like stress i rubbing not removing makeup properly or poor diet can all contribute to hair loss in terms of over-the-counter products that I’ve tried I saw great results with wait for it Rodan and Fields lashes no I don’t sell it and no I don’t want you to sell me anymore either Kay but my experience was a.