Hello again welcome to another squats previous oyster crackers by company shirt pipe nine ounces turn 55 grams suicide of 36 crackers 15 grams about 17th servings 60 calories about 15 of those from fat 1.5 grams of total fat which is two persons daily value 0 grams of saturated fat and trans fat 0 milligrams of cholesterol higher milligram 70.

Milligrams of sodium the 7% of the light 11 grams the total carb 4% they allow you know fiber no sugars and 1 gram of protein 4%.

Vitamin C or vitamin A ingredients enriched flour which is wheat flour nice and reduced iron thiamine mononitrate rainbow flower Faolain and folic acid canola and our palm and our soybean oil with TBHQ for freshness so contains 2% or less of baking soda east sodium sulphite enzymes and malted barley flour what what else has malted barley florian beer isn’t a beer if you have.

A definitive answer let me know in the comments below it contains wheat free allergy information and it’s processed in a facility that also processes soy and milk.

The company is based out of Illinois phone number and all the rest of magazines all right bag container it’s okay ok first tears.
Just stop perfectly open worth it it’s.

Good and if you know what moisture crack that sense I can already smell it that’s an oyster cracker it’s in the shape of a hexagon first bite and we all know what the inside of a cracker looks like they sty hope we do it’s pretty much green okay so the issue.

Of these is you’re not so senior blind so see eating with soup or some other soup like mixture to get the full the full experience I’ll rate these about.

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