Hi guys and welcome back to break 5 now today we’re going to be covering off I don’t know one of my favorite applications this is my application called things now what things is a bit like you’re a mind replication but it’s also very smart things gives you the ability to say ok reminders and notifications off in the future.

It swear this is things 3 and this is the first screen you see no Java part we’ve got a few different options here if I.

Go into in box we can see it’s empty because I’ve used a few smart folders down the bottom to essentially put work away so I don’t get too confused so we’re going to do today is we’re going to set.

A very simple to do so we’re gonna go in and press new to do I’m just going to say pick up man nice and straight for man none enniaa now really straightforward like any really know take an apple to do.
List there’s not much more we can put in there I.

Can add a note and support from train station if I need to let’s put that there right now we’ve got you can see these flying conscious to the bottom but one that looks about a calendar a label and then it sort of a checklist and a flag I’m still gonna go in and press the calendar and that’s asking us when we want this reminder to come to us so we say today and then we can also add a checklist things to.

Do so well not a few things so get car ready don’t forget man I didn’t know nothing about none today – then man orb├ín no there we go right and we’re gonna save that mail notice that this appears but we’ve getting a lot one marker next to today now if I jump into there we can see what the reminder I’ve just added has gone straight into today so open up.

And there’s a list of things now let’s say that none misses her trained and should not come until tomorrow all I need to do is press that select the next day and that’s it and you’ll see immediately it’s worked out it’s not today thing and it disappeared from the list easy now if I want to find that.

Appointment again I press acquit find and I just type in none and there we go it comes straight up because it’s searched through everything that’s.

In the application and pulled that.

One man here we go and I can say you know what actually yep she is coming today my mistake and it moves it and we can go back into.

Our menu back into today and there’s Hollis again now for the basic features.

Of things that kind of covers it you know there’s.

A lot of other things different folders and do and family events which will cover off a little bit more we add a notification to add a.

Reminder it’s as simple as that really this little blue bar moves around and that adds a nice sort of interesting element to things where you can move that round and stick it in and sort of reorder your list so if I want to.

Here get fuel I’d send you out before I get man and then you can pick that up and be put in order so you can check your list off as bright as priority and again using this little blue bar I can put another reminder wherever I want to in that list clean car now.

That this is good but I now there’s this list has become a little bit unruly and I want to make this a doing tasks so pop down the bottom here press that magic blue button again I have project so project will be let’s say none now I have a project there is nothing in the projects I’ve just created it but I.

Have these a couple of things in today so what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna select them all just think of it.

One two and three I’m gonna move these into the non project cool now you’ll notice they still show up as today because there is something I need to do today but they’ll.

Also show up at the non project if I move one of these.

Things away from today into tomorrow you’ll notice that it’s moved itself down on the list and the today items have moved up again if I’ve changed the clean car to.
29th you’ll see that drops further down on the list so.

The list is managing itself by what is gieux which is really brilliant feature to have you’ll also notice that the circle on nan is hollow there’s nothing in there as I start ticking tasks off so you know I’ve got fuel great that circle starts to fill itself in until it’s complete great we’ve got none and then it’s being connected I can then decide whether I want to move to lead or keep up that project I made they all notice at the bottom I’ve got.

Little one called Christmas this is a area so the area can be sort of a place where you have multiple different projects if I create an area called family great we’ll jump to there and inside of here we can create a to-do list that fillers on this particular area now it’s more the heading than anything else and it helps it stand out and again you can.

Move these around a little bit the UI of this application is absolutely brilliant and what we do a quick find you’ll notice that man has gone now except delete it if it’s a completed task it would still be an.

N or show me where it exists if you look at logbook this gives you a full idea of everything we’ve done I know so you have any time in some day which is you know let’s have create a reminder I don’t if you want to do today I’ve written it some day and it was sure little one next to that there the reason.

I got things three is because I also picked up the Mac and the two of them work brilliantly a standout feature we have if I jump into my email here I can send an email.

From my email account here should I tell my just want the forward things.

Great and what this will do is it will send the email I put in there forgot no and it will send the send and.

If I press on that there’s a lot information behind this when we’re doing a little bit.

Of am a new tune review at some time here but we’ve just sent an email to my things account so we pulled out into a refresh hopefully she update in a few seconds and what we’ve done is we’ve told do we’ve sent an email from our email client to an.

Email address which is registered to things and that email will fly through things we’ll pick it up and then put it into our inbox so that email want a particular time or date on it it will just be an email and it will bring the task in and from that we can pull out an information we need which again is is quite helpful feature to have this I found really helpful.

If you have things like in my household we have things that pick them up parcels and deliveries where they have pickup.

Codes or they have reference numbers and will email each other the email will forward it to our things account and that way the email falls in with reference number there and we move it to.

The date that we got to pick it up and it’s quite straightforward we just Turner we got remind from a day we turn up open the things instance and we have the and the code there look we can see the emails club with here their staff has stuck a record and I didn’t realize that I actually had no internet signal what I was doing this which why the email wasn’t coming through if.

We pull up in the email which had been sent so.

You can see there’s a whole lot of crazy jargon in there but you also have this which I thought was really quite clever this URL at the bottom effectively on sort of house you can see it this URL at the bottom of the message actually is a link to that email.

Now this makes things to me probably on of the best reminders up so I’ve found because I can press that link and it.

Will take me to the email message which is brilliant like hither link to stretch the.

Email so if I forget to point a particular detail in here let’s say I’ve done what I’ve just in there and deleted all the content up I mistaken say if there I can then go in there hit that link and it will take me to whether email exists in my inbox from there I.

Can pull whatever detail out I need or I could just set this as a reminder so I could just tell things to set it as a reminder for today and the way it goes like oh it’s just told me one to do is be moved out the inbox good it’s.

Gone gone into today Oprah and I can put the link there available straight away pressing that link like I said will take me to the original email so I can see whatever content it is I’m looking at that about wraps up my review of things 3 I personally think that iPhone uppers put one of the great has reminded us I’ve come across and I would absolutely recommend it.

A has got a slightly hefty price tag of nine pound ninety nine pence which is a little bit pricey for essentially reminders up but.

I think the interface and look of the application is beautiful I think they clean into a minimalist look it’s very in keeping with Apple’s own look and it actually looks better than Apple’s reminder app does it’s really I can’t follow this application at all I think it’s a must-have for anyone who’s into their productivity and getting things done and that’s it for this.

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