Hey I’m Jeff and this is a full review of rememberthemilk alright let’s get started the first category is features and they scored a 70 point 27% out of 100 which doesn’t really surprise me from seeing how they added a ton of features in their latest release and if we break down the features into four categories general productivity tasks.

And integrations they scored a 70% for general features you know things like giving users beta access being read and already for the iMac 5k displays keyboard shortcuts custom hotkeys daily digest emails and being able.
To import and export your data however they were missing.

Things like providing users with a complete history.

Log accessibility options and dark mode as for features and overall productivity apps they scored a 58.82 so they had things like quick add and when a task was first updated or last updated being able to undo the last action and so on they were missing things like location-based reminders focus mode vacation mode and so on for features specific to tasks apps or to-do lists apps they nail things like having lists being able to share those lists having smart lists subtasks tags attachments.

Comments reminders priorities being.

Able to duplicate a task they were missing things like retroactively complete date a task history log and being able to let users mark.

The difficulty or energy level for tasks and for integrations they did very well they scored 84 points 62 percent they had things like Google Drive Google.

Calendar a calendar feed Gmail outlook plugin x’ siri alexa if this than that and an api but they are missing features like a browser extension for chrome or.

A direct integration with slack and by adding these four categories together in total four features they score a 70 point 27 the next category we have is the visual part of the inner or the aesthetic of the app they scored in 86 points 67% they really nailed the section the UI wasn’t distracting it wasn’t cluttered sections and panels were arranged nicely and they made sense they really made use of blank space there was great spacing between elements and overall the UI look modern the next category we have.

Is the interaction with the interface or the usability for this category they scored 80 7.

5% and they really nail things like making Pete.

Is really easy to find tools were really easy to use giving visual cues the user like highlighting and being able to add a list as a favorite the next category we have is platforms and they scored an 81 point 82% they did very well in this category the app is available on the web on the Mac iOS for iPhone.

And iPad on e Android Windows Apple watch and even Linux Linux really wow they really went above and beyond here and I.

Was surprised by that honestly the next category is pricing these could an 80% as for the positives premium plan costs about $40 a year and I think this is a pretty good value for.

What they offer the premium plan includes more than five features they do offer a freemium model so you don’t have to pay to use the app and they also offer a trial of their premium plan and one of the only major downsides of this category for them was.