Hello ever welcome to another video it is francesco here in today’s video what we’re going to be doing is diving into nirvana now the reason why I want to review nirvana is because this is probably one of the most requested videos I get a lot of requests for new videos on this YouTube channel and a lot of time.

They they have quite intense or quite detailed applications and I try my very best to chase them up as fast as I can I mainly try and cover the.

Big ones first because they’re the ones that most people use but Nirvana has been one of the most requested ones as a GTD task management application and what I’ll be doing today is reviewing it over on the Mac and also on the iPhone as well to demonstrate some of the features and functions I’ll also be going into the details on my opinion pricing and information like that that will be helpful for your decision to whether you’re going to use it is it to do.

This application so I’m really hoping that you enjoyed today’s feature I’m going to be demoing on a Mac so we’ll be jumping over to that just before we go I want to say thank you very much to everyone for supporting this YouTube channel the reason why and we obviously review applications like this because you put them in the comments below you put.
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Link so without further ado guys.

Let’s dive into nirvana in today’s video we are reviewing Nirvana HQ which is an application available on iPhone iPad Android and web and.

What I want to do today is go over the web version which is very similar to the iOS and Android versions so what I want to do today share that web version and maybe give you an insight into the iOS application as well we’ll.

Get it up here on the screen.

So here we are with Nirvana HQ now this is first and foremost a GTD application.

Can be used to help organize yourself across your workday now what I was impressed with straightaway or the strict focus it had on vtd now it’s harder to find I would say applications that strictly focus our attention on GTD mainly because GTV is a very structured process now I for myself follow a.

Lot of some of the patterns and processes of GTD but what I don’t do is strictly use a focused application like that mainly because over time I think when I was learning it when I was applying it I took my own sort of route.

With it I use I guess GTD as a principle but not as a strict process I find I’ve broken out and created my own workflow and activity but with the same and background of GTD so as you can see here this is nirvana HQ for web they as I’m saying they have an iOS and Android version and it’s a very impressive application I’ve been very impressed because this is something that you guys have been bantering on.