I would like sat down in front of the camera in a really long time I thought today would be good because I’ve been prepping to go to Paris and I’m not lighting this properly of course cuz why should I do like things right now I’m always the person that has five million to do list and on those five.

Million to do list there’s about six million things.

And I found myself stretching myself to sting but.

In a really weird way like I was still getting content out I was still keeping up with all my deadlines but I just felt so overwhelmed I needed to find a way to work smarter and I know I’ve shown this on my channel a couple times before but this is.

Not sponsored by any means I just truly have utilized it for two months straight and I have seen real results in my productivity and just all around my stress and my.

Vibe for everyday claiming my week is gonna be way different than planning your.

Week but these are some tips and tricks that I use that have actually worked and I’ve actually stuck to so I’ve just been really excited to kind of share with you guys how I’m keeping up with all the things but I’m not feeling overwhelmed when I.

Am planning my week with the productivity journal I try to keep in mind bigger goals that I need to break apart into multiple days because that will help me stay on task and then for the secondary task or the extra additional tasks that they leave you because it goes.

From order of importance I’ll add like the daily things that I’ve been putting off such as like getting Callie groomed or.

Her nails clipped into that box to know that when I get all these important things done through the week I can focus on the tedious house.

Errands and personal errands you can see that I’m writing some numbers next to the tasks and that is actually in reference to these things called Pomodoro’s the productivity journal walks you through a new way of focusing and working.

Through your tasks they do a much better job that I’m about to do but basically what you want to do is 25 minutes of no.

Distractions while you’re working on your task and then you have a five-minute break and then you jump right back into 25 minutes and those numbers right there are me guessing or hoping to get that task done in that amount of time in that amount of Pomodoro’s as I am.

Progressing in this productivity journal this little part where it says commitment has become very useful for me recognizing my failures in the last week and what I can do to be more efficient and for this week it was waking up at 6:30 morning now we’re moving on to the daily planning and I actually do.

That only the night before for the next day I never do more than one day at a time because the tasks tend to change the daily planning is a little bit different.

But it’s essentially the same thing you want to start with the most important tasks that you want to accomplish for the day like literally this is the task that you would be stoked if you.

Completed and then you move on to task that you can only complete once you complete the first task and this kind of sounds crazy actually as I’m voicing it over but I promise you working.