This is my religious studies folder and this is the end so this is what you see when you put it on the shelf on here I have the colors of highlighters that I use in this it just makes it much easier to see which colors I need to bring for that lesson and I only use two colors just.

So that it’s much a neater and easier to understand and make notes and so on right here we have a sticker which says.

The subject it also has my full name and my house so that if I lose it then it can be returned to me I have the same thing here but this way up in side of my.

Father’s I always have this little corner and this just has the same two colors of the highlighters that I will use at the.

Front of my father I always keep my homework in case of RS I always have my book at the front anyway.

But usually it’s the homework is done inside of my book keep that at the front so I don’t forget to hand.

It in and I don’t lose it inside of my.

Folder I obviously use file dividers it just makes it easier to find things I never have any empty file dividers so I don’t have any dividers which don’t have any writing on them just because.

They get another way and when I do need them on I have a whole stash that I can put in an RS it’s just divided into issues.

In life-and-death issues in relationships the textbook and exams / tests in each of the father why does it is just notes and any sheets or exercise at the front of each divider I have a.

Summary sheet so this is the one for issues and relationships and it kind of just sums up everything that we love my RS teacher actually printed out our whole textbook so that’s why it has a whole divider then.

We have exams and tests by end over your tests or any in costs that we do any important sheets in any of my folders I stick at the front or on the back page I have all.

Of these tabs which respond to different things that I need to revise different amounts that I need to revise the things so Pinkus what I need to revise the most orange a bit less yellow hardly any green does go over your notes once.
And some blues as well which are practice questions in subjects.

Such as chemistry or biology or history we get given a notepad it’s just refurbished paper I put them in the file divider that we are currently doing at the moment we are doing the reactivity series so that means the pad goes in the reactivity.

Series division of my folder ignore the amount the excessive amount of highlighting I have here in each of the dividers I don’t want it to be in a random order i.

Group any notes that are similar for example to do with marriage and.

Weddings then I am able to know that all of these pieces of paper are to do with marriage or divorce and weddings thank.

You so much for watching the video today if you liked it then please do physically like it so that I can see you like this kind of content and hopefully I’ll see you in the next video I ease.