What’s up guys my name is Brandon and today I’ll be showing you six iOS apps that are going to make your life much much easier of course these are going to be the most fun and entertaining applications if you’re looking for that make sure to check the two videos and the cards right now where I talk about some.

Really great apps of 2017 which are a lot more fun and entertaining but in this video we’re.
Going to be going over some applications that.

Are more for productivity basically just making your life easier and quicker here on your iPhone all right.

Let’s go and kick it off with.

LastPass now LastPass is an application I’ve been using for years and I actually partnered with LastPass to bring you guys this video but of course this changes nothing and the way I.

Value this application so the basic concept of LastPass is that you never need to remember another password basically just plug everything in the last pass set your password set your.
Master password remember your master password and then you can copy.

And paste or use autofill to fill in all your passwords everywhere LastPass relieves the trouble of looking for passwords and eliminates the anxiety around getting locked out of your.

Accounts because you forgot your passwords so here’s how it works so first of all of course download the application on your iPhone or iOS device and I’m also going to recommend you install the plug-in on your computer since they do sync together and it’s actually better on the computer.
As well talk about that in a bit but.

Make sure you have it on your iPhone and then if you have a computer user computer also download the plug-in there on your computer and you want to sign up for an account and start adding in your credentials right away so to.

Do this on the application it’s very easy just click the little plus icon up there and then you can choose from one of these popular sites right.

Here or you can add in a custom website let’s go and do state custom site and you could just name the website here so we’ll just say YouTube just because you can have the folder there.
And then put in the URL so we’re going to youtube.
com then you’re going to put in the username for youtube.com the username is actually going.

To be an email but for this case we’re just doing something just for fun just testing it out so we’re going to put in some random letters there and then for passcode you could put in a passcode if you want but I’d recommend you generate new.

Passcode right here so you can see.

Characters so you can go all the way up to 64 characters now I’m going to keep mine and around the 25 to 30 mark I think that’s pretty good and you have options right here where you can do you can make it.

Pronounceable or you can just.

Do random letters you can do numbers you can have symbols there you can change all these.

Different settings in here for the passcode and you can see there we have our password for YouTube saved there so let’s give you a basic premise of what.

This app is all about so you’re no longer going to have the same password for everything so your data it’s going to be a lot more secure if you ever do get hacked or anything like.