Okay so where do you want to start last time we talked mm-hmm we were both kind of in in similar positions we’re trying to build products basically that sustain us and and we’re able to like kind of live our our life with on off of so uh so what’s the update for you where you at yeah so maybe.

For anybody who is listening to this for the first time the quick recap is that we have slightly different arrangement professionally whereas like I think you have a great deal more independence than I do as far as I know you’re pretty much fully independent you kind of steer your own ship so to speak and like 100 percent.

Of your time is up to you to decide whereas I have a pretty large contract that I’m working on like in a freelance like 1099 capacity so the bulk of my time is devoted to that that’s like my moneymaker that’s that’s how I bring home the bacon for the family and then the remainder.

Of my time is on side projects like what I’m.

Working on so just that’s some important context for everything that I’m about to.

Say from my personal perspective so like the main thing that I’m working on right now is bootstrappers dot IO which is right now basically just a content.

Curation kind of website like a Goodreads type of thing similar to designer news or hacker news but it doesn’t have the community interaction functionality built in it doesn’t have like uploading and commenting and things like that so it’s more just like a very pretty RSS reader and then the what I’m really trying to shift that toward is a curated newsletter that is really like I the way I differentiate.

Myself from other players in the space is that I devote a lot of time and energy to manually curating the articles I read a lot of articles that are.

Out there and picked just the very best are the ones that come from bootstrappers.

Or are written with good shoppers in mind and then I hand write like a.

Summary so that you know whether it’s worth clicking through or not and now I’m starting to lay in some.

Other things like podcast episodes that you should listen to or people that launch bootstrap products that you can go support so it’s kind of evolving in that.

Way but I’ve kind of been in maintenance mode with that a little bit but I did run a test that was basically I found somebody that was looking to sell their bootstrap product and I said hey look I have this list of bootstrappers and you know I think at some point a lot of people have found themselves in the position of like don’t want to build a new thing or do I just want to.

Buy something and see if I can grow it which is what I did with bootstrap prasada I effectively bought a product that came with an audience built-in instead of trying to.

Build one from scratch so I thought this might be interesting I send it out to my list and you know I generally get maybe a handful of responses every time I.

Send a newsletter but I sent this specific email out that was literally just all of these statistics.

About the product traffic and you know what kind of technology it was built on top of what the monthly expenses as far as.
Running operating costs are and things like that and I probably got three.