– Good morningBelieve Nation, it’s Evan.

My one word is believe And I believe in people more than they believe in themselves. And my sincere hope isthat if you see in yourself what I see in you, you’ll beable to change the planet.
So to help you on your journey, today’s message is schedule your time.

(rooster crows) ♫ I wake up every morning ♫ Espresso keep me going ♫ I wake up every morning – Large uninterrupted blocks of time you have to.

Schedule if you are a creator.

Blocks of time that are at least two to four hours or more in length.
No frankenstein monsterof 20-minute breaks and 10-minute breaks combined into 3-hours will have the value of an uninteruppted block of. If you are trying to makehigh-level decisions, focus on time-consuminghigh priority projects, push something to the next milestone. We all have the same 24 hours in the day and if you’re like I don’t have time, I can’t sleep, I need to cut back on sleep, I need to do this, I need to do that, If you don’t.

– I never use I don’t have time as a reason for not to do something.

As soon as you startsaying I don’t have time to do.

Something, then you’re giving responsibilityaway to something else. You don’t have time, it’s not your fault. It’s this project’s fault,this person’s fault. It’s always somebody else’s fault. Until you take controlof your responsibilities and your priorities andmanaging your own time you’re never going to go off and do the big things that you want to do.

Especially the people who complain that you have this big goal and this big dream you want to build this huge company and then you’re not doing it. You’re not spending the time to do it. Because it’s so greatto live up in our heads of all the things we want to do, of the passions, and the waythat our life could look. But you don’t want to do theactual work to get there.

Three businessesthat I run at the same time. But if I want to work onsomething and I can’t, then it’s my problem. Right? It’s nobody else’s problem. It’s not Believe Nation expecting my video to come out. I choose to make YouTube videos. I choose to spend my time on these things. And by very definition bychoosing to do something you’re choosing not to do something. You have control over your time. And the realities of paying the bills and family life and all that stuff, and it may force you to makesome difficult decisions. But as soon as you say I don’t have time it means you’re never going to make it. Because you’re never going to have time. Because the people who constantly live in when this clears up, whenthis thing goes away, then I’ll have time.

When that clearsaway, something else comes up. When that’s done, then I’ll have time. You just have to go and start doing it. Nothing actually starts happening until.