Probably most of you already know that only online team four uses blueprints and C++ as their primary programming languages everyday new developers are starting to work with Yui for which can rise up Oh dilemma which language to use in this video we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of both and hopefully help you solve it hey.

Guys nitro here today we are doing another feed about tips and tricks for running a 19-4 in this video.

We’ll cover some of the points which you should consider when starting using Yui for a big thank you to all the people that support you the last video about mechanics it seems that you guys.

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Video we will refer to programming.

Language as language when starting with Yui 4 it is crucial to use the best programming language for our games depending on what it shows your game can be better or worse choosing the right language can make the difference between a good developer and a bad one let’s talk about the blueprint system and C++ first while there is a.

Blueprints whether they are good or not they can be really useful a lot of people hate blueprints because it is a visual scripting programming language though.

Some of them don’t even consider it being a programming language usually blueprints are used for fast prototyping seeing if a mechanic is good or not how to achieve it and was the logic behind it there are some games as well fully made out of the blueprints this visual scripting language is especially useful for new game developers that are trained to start in the industry since it lets them show of their creativity and also what they can achieve the blueprint system is.

Still being developed though at the moment it is already big enough to create a good game as well if you are having literally zero coding experience the blueprints will be your best friends C++ is a general-purpose programming language in Orion engine you’ll use the whole.

Project orientated part of it most of the time which includes classes structures and much more as well it is one of the most optimized programming languages currently existing being.

Designed toward large systems with performance efficiency and flexible even though C++ is a pretty hard programming language to learn it will surely pay off in the end all right now let’s take a look at four aspects that might influence your choice and make a concrete comparison between the languages number one performance the main downside with blueprint is the.

Performance you can easily kill it by using multiple event ticks with high usage doing complex math or using them in general for big projects that can’t handle them that well while.

C++ will support more than blueprints.

Can handle but fortunately epic implemented a future called NAT avoiding blueprints this feature will transform them from blueprint into C++ for a better performance number two is complexity probably all of.