Hey guys in this video I’m going to show you how you can download and install Android studio on your Mac operating system so let’s get started and let’s see how we can install it so first of all before installing Android studio make sure that Java is installed on your system if you don’t know how to install Java I.

Will put a link in the description and then just follow that link and then first of all install Java and then come to this video so once Java is installed on your.

System just open your favorite browser and search for install Android studio and the first link which will appear here will be from developer.com forward slash studio forward slash install so I’m going to click that link and in here you will be able to see first of all make sure that Mac is selected here if it’s not by default selected and then just click this link which says download Android studio now when you click that link you will be redirected to this page from.

Where you can download Android studio so you just need to click this green button it says download Android studio and then you just need to read these terms and conditions and then if you agree with those terms and conditions just check this checkbox and then click this button which says download Android studio for Mac which is going to start downloading this dmg file which is about 848 megabyte so it will take some time to.

Download so just wait for the download to complete and once it’s completed we are going to see how we can install it and create our first Android app now this dmg file is downloaded on my Mac operating system this file name is Android – 2 do- IDE and whatever the version is – Mac dot.
Dmg file so I’m going to double click on this which is going to open.

This dmg file and once this.

Dmg file is open let me just minimize this window we just simply need.

To drag this Android studio icon to our applications folders so just drag and drop it to our Applications folder just going to copy all the files which is required.

For the Android studio to work into our Applications folder so once the copying is finished you will be able.

To see this Android studio icon in your Applications folder also when you open the launchpad you will see this Android studio icon in the launchpad icons also so what I need to do now is I just need to simply double click on this Android studio icon in your Applications folder or you can just double click from your Launchpad also.

This icon is going to open the Android studio on our Mac operating system so I’m going to minimize this window and I’m going.

To just close this window because I don’t need it and I will wait for the in droid studio to open now first of all when Android studio opens it will give you this.

Kind of warning which says Android studio is an application downloaded from Internet.

Are you sure you want to open it so we will say yes we are sure and we want to open it so just click on the Open button which is going to open our Android studio and now you will see this kind of window which says custom installation custom location config folder or installation home of previous versions so we don’t have any previous version of our Android studio so we will just.