Well, brief mentions in other videos about the Q-word, *Laughs* you know, the magic computers that are going to break all encryption and beat everyone at their own game and be the next big thing and be on all our smartphones. Should we put some reality on this? Where are we at with quantum computing? I Work at a company called. We’re a company in Berkeley, California And we build quantum computers from the ground up.

The silicon fabrication all the way up to how we program the machines I in particular Think a lot about how we program the machines how we interface with it at some point Somebody has to type.

Something into a keyboard to make it do something and that’s mostly where I think about things quantum computers Really should be thought of as a way to Augment our existing compute infrastructure exists in computers solve problems, and that’s not going away there.

Good problems So a quantum computer really.

Should be thought of as a is a special-purpose machine that can solve certain problems a lot better Than existing computers can solve them. In fact, I think thinking of it like a GPU is is pretty fruitful that GPUs are, are, they are computers in a sense. But really they’re they’re better thought of as like a coprocessor to your main computer.

Are extremely good at solving a variety of problems you could sort of Wrangle a GPU to solve any problem you want to but it’s you know regular computers.

Are good at that so quantum computers I think of as like on the side Unfortunately current quantum computers are gigantic.
They’re they you know, they’re like the old computers.

Like the ENIAC they fill a room But nonetheless you you hook your computer up to this and it does separate problem-solving as a company We build these quantum computers and deploy them there.
They’re Accessible right now on the cloud.

I on my laptop anywhere Actually, I don’t need any special interface can connect up to them and do computations with them And we’re at a.

Point now where? the fundamental unit of resource of a quantum computer just as we take regular computers and think about them in terms of bits and gigabytes and so on on a quantum computer These are measured in qubits, which are very special.

Because every time you add a qubit You’re you’re doubling the capacity of the computer in some way.

Released a machine that has around eight qubits.

And now the current machine we have is.

About nineteen qubits so it’s not that we Approximately just doubled the qubit because each qubit itself is doubling so you have to think of that number of doublings each time from eight to nineteen problems that deal with lots of interactions or lots of Possibilities so to speak are where quantum computer sort of shine so one big area of application is in quantum computing is the simulation of molecules molecules are are made up of a bunch of atoms and each of these atoms.

Is is Applying a force to the other atoms they’re pushing and pulling each other and they’re just lots of ways in which the atoms interact with one another and a quantum computer.