I wanted to update all of my video descriptions I didn’t find a good tool online to do this like automatically I just thought I would make my own oh my god trying to do the first time out blog oh oh execute it right here that’s gonna I’m moving out tomorrow well actually it’s three ten in the morning look.

At all these batteries look I have to put these in a box Oh just feels so gross okay what’s good second year is done I wasn’t gonna do with to her but like real quick.

This is my desk which used to be the bar and yo my stepdad loves good speaker system so this is my bed it’s actually way comfier than it looks I’m not.

Gonna lie right you pull up a chair for the bar and then you just see battery this whole basement is just.

Next little while you can see the projector up there I’m going to convert my website into a nodejs project I’m choosing Ubuntu 32 CPUs $1,000 a month I’ll just get one CPU it turns out that.

Deploying a website is a whole job in.

Itself you know what I mean learning some new stuff that’s basically what I’m saying now is when I actually get to convert my website here we go first time we got our server running 8080 wahoo boo boo Oh.

Paste it it’s gonna break can’t see why it download it just close all the tabs the websites still super broke content at some good content right there.

As you can see by the title video I’m gonna make a YouTube API descriptions updater I did that a few months ago and I did it in Java I hard-coded everything everything is static I’m gonna make a much more advanced system right now fail to look up pages just our.

Pseudo code if equals null we want to call what we just did here so it’s counterintuitive because both of these actually have the.
Same redirect links well the first time you.

Come here you’re gonna go into this if statement you’re gonna add the ass to sign in it’s gonna redirect you back to itself and then now it’s gonna see that it has the auth code so it’s gonna go in here this redirect.

URI it doesn’t even actually redirect but it has to be the same as they saw on Google what are you doing this help it’s so finicky.

To get it to work you know what I mean not half bad we’re just going to be like you made it boy redirect to YouTube app sign in with YouTube and then it takes me to like the other page hey you made it boy it still doesn’t work but it’s a different error invalid credentials.

Project is not found why isn’t this enabled the related playlists uploads favorites watch history.

So now we’re actually sending the upload playlist what’s gonna happen here 400 so we got an error no way look I’ve wanted to make an LED music okay so you can see that it’s calling itself and then it crashes at the very end hey watch what happens now it’s broke if this happened or this equals null send uploads else redirect it recursively hey so if you request more than 50 at a time then it actually does it.

In part fewer requests at 100 it would probably say twice as long as it’s gotta do two requests what’s good we’re back we’re back boys let’s create a table underneath the search bar have it.

Auto populate blah blah blah which access the URL and then make the image update.