Hello and welcome to another episode of the master mind body and spirit show I am your host Matt Bellaire an executive entrepreneur mentor and master coach he is the president of motive for life a professional coaching event and publishing company based in Lake Forest California his thirty years of work in mentoring and coaching led him to the discovery.

Of the relationship between self-worth and sabotage behaviors that affects millions of people around the world motive for life is.

Dedicated to bringing this solution to the general public and elevating the collective worthiness of the human population he is the author of the newly released book bugging our brain welcome to the show Robert Christensen it’s that brother thank you for having me wonderful to be here buddy yeah it’s a pleasure to have you man you must be excited you just launched the book you’ve had motive for life for some time I really love the.

Intention of your work do you want to give a little brief background on some of the work that you’ve done and how you got to.

Where you are today and then maybe we’ll launch into the book and and how we can apply some of.

Those principles yeah yeah if you’re in this business it’s about your own self journey and then you.

Find out that you were meant to go spread this word right my own personal path and I detail this in the book is that I struggled deeply with addiction and alcoholism by the.

Time I was 25 and I sobered up when I was 25 years old and I’ve been sober I’m 56 now for that whole time so that whole period of time and.

You know I lived a pretty damn good life free right I’m a free man but what happened during that period was is that I didn’t know I was suffering from a core sense of worthiness issues that were inside.

Me so what a nap happening through this time is that I would cycle up and down and success and I build something up only to roll a grenade in and watch.

Him close up and what happened right and I worked with so many people in recovery that I would watch this over and over and over again and I’m saying why are these guys get this fantastic life right I mean fantastic life to get the job the girl the house the money they start living a good life and stuff like that and literally they would start to start pulling triggers and start shooting the stuff down and watch.

Go down and it baffled me for years man for years and one day I remember like a lightning bolt I was driving and to this ceremony I do every week right so a lightning bolt hit me and I swear it’s the.
Voice of God nothing short of that hit me and it goes Robert.

The reason they don’t want to do this is because they don’t feel worthy of a success that they’re getting.

Had to pull over right I had to pull over because I got I get.

Goosebumps right now thinking about that time this was about six years ago and I wrote this stuff down right I just I write in the write and write and I thought this is this might be it so I went about applying.
This technique of changing my own personal life to see it would work on.

Me so next thing I’m into is everything about how do I rewire this brain of mine to have a different sense of worthiness okay and.