Usually everyone fits into a box if you have no matter what we always like to think we’re so special but well in my opinion we’re not that’s why when people are going through heartbreak I’m like everyone has gone through heartbreak like I haven’t had my heart broken yet but I’m sure I will yet never to have a heart.

To get your heart broken I have a while you have our own I have a heart my last one I believe I agree right when’s the last time you called your mom okay here’s the thing though my mom called me today when the left and I have not.

Called her in like a month when the last time you held someone’s hand in public bleh yo what can’t people not long as the last time you apologize to someone he’s a good question why am i apologizing where I am i composite because there’s no answers to these blasts on my house I was probably six the last time I apologize to someone you know I’m saying for what what if I ever done.

I am NOT Erica Road I’m not scared of intimacy come on what I am saying I San Fran yes are you or are you not a fuck-boy I am NOT oh because it ordered it is bothering you have a look it’s not like don’t think you’re going to come into our house and break this bond for you to even ask me that question it’s very effective okay thank you here’s the same what let’s get into a definition then what defines a fuck-boy I think a fuck-boy.

Someone that knows I can’t emotionally connect with a girl but continues to fuck her and later on anyway okay so then no because I don’t emotionally connect and I don’t fuck girls so what do you do I just don’t like I just don’t like if there’s a situation where it’s a girl myself in that situation I’m very upfront a fuck-boy lies to get that and I don’t lie yeah.

Concept I tying people on think they’re aligned but they’re kind of line do you feel like I lead girls on I don’t know I’m just trying to figure out my throw line of questioning well no no his line.

Wasn’t involved with me and a girl he’s just saying in general I’m not interesting I’m emotionally disabled in general having to do with internet but I’m emotionally distant in general I’m an emotionally distant person exactly what I mean yeah but that’s not what a fuck boy is a fuck boy is a person who’s emotionally distant.

Feign sure imagine every element the manipulation there I’m I’m manipulative but not with girls that’s why it’s a question I’m not like they’re to me like the girl thing that’s that’s the problem if you were like yo this is how it is in general then we’d.

Have a different it but it would be only my adult fuck boy am i a societal what is that a non gender-specific fuck when it comes to networking I’m a networking fuck boy I guess I don’t know what I do.

Are you shocked he says he doesn’t I don’t want people thinking Tyrande virgin he said he doesn’t know I’m not a virgin so many said you can ask girls can you expound that are you thank you tell me at all like you don’t you don’t ever.

Date I don’t date often so like I just don’t date all I’m looking at a deal today one day time he was quote dating they allegedly allegedly dating I.