Welcome to trio Tuesday today skin I am the definitive expert on skin cuz I’ve owned it for 56 years No okay we’re going to go through because when you look at the different diseases and the different common problems what if there was just like one solution okay what if there was just one problem now you’re going to see.

Problems I mean asthma or acne eczema rosacea hives shingles psoriasis cold sores plant rashes skin tags athlete’s foot moles I mean words dermatitis skin cancer all of these are conditions but then it gets.

Worse because you’ve got autoimmune disorders of the skin okay scleroderma psoriasis dermatomyositis epidermolysis you know it just it just gets going on and on but also what are life-threatening life-threatening skin diseases and P vulgaris toxic epidermal necrolysis Steven Johnson syndrome you give us from getting taking motrin I love this dress drug rash with eosinophils and.

Systemic symptoms toxic shock syndrome and these are life threatening skin issues now.

When you look at there’s over 3,000 different skin issues so in our culture today what what you’re looking for you’re looking for a doctor that’s an expert that looks at your problem and.

And says wow you have skin disorder number 2323 is that different than skin disease 2324 do you know what I mean I mean why are there so many at like if we had five people with high blood pressure would they have all the same cause if we had five people with eggs is it the same cause okay so so let’s look at a little bit different now and I love this in addition to many journals such as eczema order dermatitis.

They are ambiguous and their diagnostic.

Intent because they main come a diverse array of pathologies and maybe differently interpreted by various specialists does that mean those 3,000 diagnoses.

Are different from different people different doctors that it’s not really based in science there to base on it on guesswork now this is extremely common in our environment now where did.

We’re designed to live on this planet we’re designed to be here okay we’ve been around for a thousand.

Years there’s certain cultures I mean Aboriginal cultures that have no word for acne they never had it people that have natural organic you know native diets they’ve never had skin disorders so why is it so prevalent and now I mean they talk about prevalence and estimates passing obesity high blood pressure cancer and.

This is frightening because morbidity and mortality from skin conditions are both expected to increase and the prevalence and healthcare spending related to skin diseases are considered among the fastest growing of any medical condition good god rotten and so what what’s.

The cause what what’s the the the religion of science what do they say because it’s not it’s.

Not actual real doctors they’re blaming bacteria viruses irritants fungi allergies immune diseases in genetics okay this is what they say are the causes of skin disorders now according to National Institute allergies irritants your genetic makeup certain diseases immune system problems can cause dirham dermatitis Ives and other skin conditions so what do we do okay because remember this is symptom drug therapy this symptom.
Drug society so bacteria we give them something to.

Kill bacteria antibiotics so we’ve got viruses we’re going to give you an antiviral fungus as an antifungal oh jeez Andy histamines any type of irritant like a rash or anything we’re going to give you a steroid autoimmune disorders we’re going to bring out the big guns immunosuppressants has anyone seen the commercials for immunosuppressants yet death is a side effect and of course if it’s genetics hopefully you’re flexible enough to bend over and.

Kiss your butt goodbye so weird oh that’s was a Cirque de Soleil joke sorry okay okay so so we need to look at this we’re going to take it take each one because it’s it’s odd that if you think that it’s from an outside source and it’s not self created and we try and treat it with an outside source let’s look at the side.

Effects penicillin most commonly prescribed one for skin disorders oh my gosh severe skin rash itching and peeling along with fever chills easy bruising seizure black out luckily if you have a blackout you won’t even think you got skin issues okay so then looks Li antiviral now I purposely put it.

In small print because there’s like three slides like this just on this one medication but when we’re talking about stomach pain that urination problems thirst tiredness weakness black tarry stools confusion convulsions hallucinations hives trembling so you’re taking this for a high that’s supposed to be caused by a virus but it causes hives okay let’s look at this is page two of the same you know drug blurred vision fate changes in.
Facial skin color muscle cramping pale skin irritated eyes now.

Let’s look at the most common antifungals mild skin itching and skin rash okay you have athlete’s foot we’re going to give this to you and then of course you develop a skin rash there there’s there’s it doesn’t make sense but of course you know depression confusion and when I’m reading this I’m starting to think we’ll wait a second okay so if we’re blaming viruses fungus is bacteria if we’re blaming all of these outside things that are attacking us and we’re.

Side things okay does that make sense okay we think it we suspect it’s.

A fungal of virus a bacterial or something and we’re.

Taking a drug to kill that fungus viral bacterial why does it cause depression confusion skin.

Rash immune system issues what.

Is so by attacking these horrible pathogens well why is it causing systemic.

Illnesses okay I just want to present that question because it I’m.

Going to answer it in a second antihistamines and again we’re looking at uneven heart rate mood tremor seizures bleeding shortness of breath urinating they don’t even have the most common side effect of antihistamines as dementia okay asteroid’s this is the bigger guns okay thinning of the skin stretch marks bruising tearing of the skin rosacea dermatitis pustules psoriasis so you’re treating pustular psoriasis you.

Think it’s an an environmental steroid and you give something that causes that then the immunosuppressants and this is horrible again hair loss skin rash night sweats fever jaundice severe nausea burning pain urination white patches all of this stuff if the entire theory is based on an outside that you’re being attacked what’s actually the cause of it so let’s let’s actually look at.

Lee anatomy and physiology would that make sense instead of just reacting crazy skin is beautiful okay 15 percent of your total body weight you’re talking 21 square feet and weighs about nine pounds 11 miles of blood vessel supply skin but when you think of this Wow let Mazal blood vessels I wonder if the health.

Of the blood would affect the health of the skin some nerves.

Directly to the muscle instead.

Of the brain absolutely this this increases reaction time so if you get burned you can be pulling back I mean quicker than you even knew that your burned 300 million skin cells the average person a single square inch of skin we’re going to talk about this just 1 square inches skin 19 million cells skin cells 300 different sweat glands on one inch of skin I’ve got a thousand different species of bacteria not a thousand bacteria a thousand different species and every 28 days I’m brand new everybody.

Else is it so how can these diseases exist in a human being who’s constantly regenerating and now about you.

Said about 30 to 40 thousand cells every minute sorry so so when.

We look at this what’s the function of skin okay.

I mean obviously protection sensation heat regulation controls the environment storage lipids and water vitamin D synthesis excretion absorption water resistance but the structure of it is brilliant oh.

My god give me I mean in human dissection you remove some of the.

Skin but you’re looking at just like it looks like one sub layer when.

You look at it under a microscope you got multiple different cells here you’ve got muscles that attach to the hair shaft that actually erected it’s called a rector P lion I mean it when you look at the different types like thick skin thin skin look at the different.

Structures the miles of blood vessels how.

This is permeable I mean anything you put on your skin actually can.

Get into the body it’s I mean brilliant it’s a brilliant structure that’s constantly being renewed it’s constantly being regenerated and.

It seems almost impossible for some type of disease to develop in something that’s continually being renamed doesn’t it now a thousand species of bacteria 19 different bacterial family.

Or Feli and have been found on the human skin one square inch of skin 50 million bacteria just one square inch and oily skin okay that’s why I’m so shiny five hundred million bacteria and this is normal you know I mean if you go up and you hey you know glad we can go out to dinner you know I have 500 million bacteria per inch of skin on my face you know but we have this bacteria.

And viral phobia so it doesn’t make any sense when we look at this density of skin flora depends on the region of the skin it the skin has an ecosystem you.

Figure when we were talking about.

Candida and yeast and funguses we know that that feeds bacteria it.

Also keeps other viruses in check so it’s absolutely essential for what we do now each microorganism so we’re going to talk.

About the microbiota like the micro flora like.

When we talk about the gut flora how it’s super and healthy knowing that there’s so many bacteria and there’s so many viruses and funguses and everything on your skin.

Doesn’t it make sense that any disruption of that ecosystem an ecosystem like like if we go down to with the Amazon what can we do to that ecosystem to make it better what remove the people okay.

Good idea that’s not an option okay so so when you look at it we do have an ecosystem and so if we look at the harmony in there so wouldn’t it make sense that the three thousand different that I mean diseases sorry you should be good earmuffs okay if that.

The three thousand different diseases are just a disruption of that ecosystem does that make more sense now when there’s a balance okay or and this is kind of cool disinfected skin surfaces get recolonized from.

Bacteria in deeper areas hair follicle gut ural general openings so if.

You happen to get exposed to something that kills the bacteria okay it’s going to repopulate it’s going to because that bacteria has to go over and spread and protect you when.

The balance is disturbed there could be an overgrowth of fungus and other infections especially funguses and in sunlight water air I mean all this is a vital.

And I love this when you look at this the microbiota the skin is the largest organ colonized by adverse milieu of microorganisms most of which are harmless and even.

Beneficial to the host the cutaneous innate and adaptive immune system responses can modulate the skin microbiota but the microbiota also function in educating the immune system am I the only one that has goosebumps right now because I mean think of this the living creatures that are on your skin that you have a symbiotic relationship are violating your immune system.

They actually communicate what’s outside in that I mean with so many slides we’ve dead I would have liked to have had in here that then when you.

Look at Nobel Prize winners they say your DNA is 50% viral.

We have such an intimate relationship with this the symbiotic microorganism op occupy a wide range of skin niches and protect against invasion by more pathogenic or harmful.

Microorganisms now if you get a.

Chance to go on the cruise with us because we’re going every year when you walk onto the ship they have a well-meaning person with a big thing of Purell okay you know cuz.

That rid of that bacteria so there’s you know the end and if you walk by and say no thanks I’m good man okay back off okay they get violent they go no no.

No you got to have this you got to protect yourself from germs and diseases and.

You know if you went in and say.

No man my microbiota are fine I’m adapting to this environment I need them for immune system have to be an idiot to wipe them off what are you doing.

And then every time you go into restaurant every time right Michael every restaurant and if they go serve sir sir come here you got to have your it’s like dude mellow out and so what we ended up doing after you after you.