You know you get yell at a few times you go up to when you got just washed just wash my hands back off and they let you go so you know lying to them is okay okay this one Staphylococcus epidermidis this is so beneficial it modulates the hosts innate.

Immune system response innate is an inborn intelligence in your body now this Staphylococcus selectively inhibits certain skin pathogens just like staph aureus when you.

Hear these staph infections in hospitals why do they have them because they’re killing all the microbiota they’re killing the ones that protect you when oh god I love this recent studies demonstrate the commensal induced heal our signaling may be necessary for cell survival and repair during infection a.

Staph epidermidis can inhibit skin inflammation through the TLR and tlr3 mediated cross mechanisms if you look at this triggers keratinized sites expression of EMPs and I mean this is it’s part of the immune system response or microbiota are micro flora if you wipe it out if.

You kill it if you don’t have healthy you have a weakened immune system oh my god that’s where the 3,000 diseases are they’re not diseases attacking us could it be from a weakened immune system good god heidi call the National Institute of Health I think we may be on to something here or they could read nature reviews microbiology.

Another outstanding question whether indigenous skin microorganism a provide some benefit to those and whether they are.

Truly symbiotic or commensal host microorganisms joining forces to combat invasions of pathogen the commensal skin bacteria you know epididymis was demonstrated to inhibit near colonization.

In biofilm of staph aureus so this means those staph infections that are so evident may be caused by trying to prevent other bacteria I love this the possibility of the host and microorganisms evolving together oh this is going to be a.

Whole different world furthermore is our arsenal of antimicrobial.

Repens fall short fall short good god I just read you what the antibacterial antiviral antifungal antihistamine it’s anti immune system okay what all of those two is are those good effects or negative effects yeah no kidding fall short in battle against staph aureus other potential pathogens perhaps therapeutic therapeutics derive from microorganism cells will offer promises viable alternatives you’re.

Going to find out that to deal with and we’re talking in the next generation because we’re to let this generation of doctors die once.

They die off it’s it’s cool because then you know we’re going to evolve a little bit more instead of having antibiotic resistant bacteria.

We’re going to go in there and spread healthy bacteria yeah this is.

Fun the the current research related to infectious diseases and skin targets microbial virulence factors and aims to eliminate harmful organisms these same micro microbes potentially play an opposite role by protecting the house the so when they talk.

About host microbe microbe Micro Micro host it they they can inhibit they can they can help you this one overuse of antibiotic may disrupt the delicate balance of cutaneous micro flora leaving the skin susceptible the pathogens previously kept at bay I mean it that’s just it’s brilliant I should have said that in a British accent but I didn’t want to offend you so what kind of.

Stuff disrupts the micro flora would that make sense so instead of looking at all these pathogens my god we got an immune system you know all that beautiful bacteria we got this is part of how I’m protected from the environment I don’t want.

To disrupt it vaccinations disrupt the.

Micro flora leaky gut destroys the gut and we’re going to talk about the gut but it’s it’s interesting when you think about the gut the inside of your gut is really.

The outside of the world I know it sounds weird but if you could shine a light like they do in the cartoons like a Tom and Jerry cartoon if you shine a light down down here.

And you could straight now the esophagus the stomach all the intestines everything else it would shine out down.

Here okay does that make sense so the inside lining the intestinal tract the esophagus the stomach everything else that is really the outside world so that has a lot to do with the health of our skin antibiotics medications toxic processed foods antibacterial soaps that’s huge cleaners toxic household cleaners cosmetics chronic stress it’s interesting.

Emotional stress cortisol is released and this.

Is a natural anti-inflammatory it’s the greatest stress harm out there however under chronic exposure interferes with skin regeneration and healing of course it does so.

What are the organisms organs responsible for skin health and you’ll see this a lot in Chinese.

Medicine but this is just common sense.

Liver kidneys adrenal thyroid large and small intestine so does that mean that those 3,000 different diseases are not really separate diseases is that why that the doctors that are diagnosing these things have trouble communicating because they’re looking for something that.

Doesn’t exist that this is an immune system response to environmental toxins what if you take the deadliest drug in America okay deadly asteroid yes nope Tylenol yeah Tylenol do you know it’s a leading cause of liver disorder liver disease do you think that if you’re to pop in a Tylenol because your doctor recommends it in gentler and safer on your stomach it will.

Kill you do you think that you could have developed skin disorders absolutely kidneys at advil motrin.

I leave all the non-steroidal anti-inflammatories negatively affect those adrenals and thyroid how many people are walking around with adrenal fatigue ending up with certain skin issues why because they’re stressed because they have increased cortisol Oh my gosh increased cortisol what does that do a skin regeneration it.

Decreases it by-god every 28 days.

Were so supposed to have new skin the large intestine okay what if you have poor slope or motility okay what if you’re dehydrated and you’re constipated do you think that the large intestine is going to be able to.

Break down the nutrients no no now now here’s some common things because you you can’t trust the.