Products on the Shelf if you see that they have any of these the parabens synthetic colors fragrances unless they’re fully organic and tested think of this anything you put.

Eat so when your friends say well I’m going in the Sun you know I really want to have a sunblock say okay if you can eat it put it on your skin and they’ll look at you like I’m not going to eat sunblock no use coconut oil SPF of six it’s fine okay triclosan I’m going to show you what that is sodium.

Lauryl sulfate formaldehyde toluene propylene guy glow I.

Mean this is crazy this one okay environmental science and technology October 24th okay triclosan now this is an antibacterial soaps and toothpaste okay Colgate Total and I loved okay I just read how destroys the normal flora right you have bacteria everywhere that protects you do you want to eat this probably not that’s.

Where they have a warning on toothpaste if swallowed called a poison control center they don’t have it on my toothpaste if you look inside of an earth toothpaste which is just like you know clay and baking soda it says you could eat this if you want go ahead need it this of is poisonous to fight harmful plaque germs again that.

Germ phobia which caused the most common oral health problems now this stuff bioaccumulates contaminates in breast milk it’s an endocrine disruptor this is going to disrupt hormones this is going to cause menstrual problems it’s going to cause you know breast cancers prostate issues horrible stuff alters the thyroid is altered what happens to the adrenals the adrenals go up then what happens to skin production incredible chlorine do you know when they first start to chlorinate water there was a rash of.

Appendicitis –is in that interest in and there’s so many other ways to clean water now we use UV light it’s it’s not needed anymore and we’re not even talking about fluoride most countries in the world don’t don’t poison their population went for it but chlorine you get it through showering so you have to filter it remember anything you put on.

Your skin gets in your bloodstream and this stuff is is toxic it’s good it’s.

Actually toxic to the microbiota of.

Your skin so anything you put on there is bad so so what’s what’s the solution knowing that the inside of our body is.

Equal to the outside we got to optimize our gut flora healthy fats fermented fruits foods to get the bacteria up juiced vegetables blend fruits raw dairy dark green leafy.

Vegetables basic of skin health eat these saute em kill dandelion greens broccoli I mean it’s so important who doesn’t want to dive in this bowl of berries I mean just just Oh God.

Okay and I mean antioxidants why because we’re exposed to a bunch of free radicals healthy fats omega-3 is coconut oil olive oil gas.

Fed butter and then when you look at this because we’ve got to develop that healthy bacteria inner system we have to eat bacteria containing foods so if you go.

Standard grocery store that has the the jar of sauerkraut on the shelf it’s already been pasteurized and killed okay you gotta go to like a health food store that has a refrigerated or if you’re really sharp you go.