Buy smart and final get a bunch of quart jars chop it up shove it in there put it on the counter for a week then you got your own fermented stuff carotenoids carrots sweet potatoes kale spinach astaxanthin from algae I mean all of these things are phenomenal and then what can.

You do from the outside the outside Shaya butter cocoa butter virgin coconut oil jojoba.

I mean palm oil myrrh remember but yeah weird we’re at an event and a guy was public speaking that had a few drinks this past weekend oh my god it was so funny but he could say this clear murmur okay aloe vera juice palm oil okay so you know I mean you know what to do but but let’s actually like look at what you can do say.

Great talk great talk great talk I got friggin acting what do I do eczema psoriasis skin cancer let’s actually look at what the sciences acne may respond favorably to probiotics due to their involvement in normalizing the gut brain skin access wow so the three thousand different diseases does.

A dermatologist go in there and say my god you’ve got a screwed up flora we got to help that gut okay at a plant extracts in this this is the cool part this is where you’re going to start to put bacteria or how do they how.

Do they word this prebiotics prebiotics not probiotics prebiotics so.

It creates a normal healthy environment to attract the healthy microbiota that you have in your skin and in your environment found several plant extracts gen string blackcurrant which inhibit.

Inflammation causing bacterium which is the bacterium acnes but do not affect the beneficial species of like staphylococci after three weeks the micro floor of 91% of volunteers have been rebalanced in this way the prebiotic substances have the potential to provide a gentle and sustainable alternative to undirected antibacterial ingredients oh it okay I read a lot.

Of stuff and you know occasionally you get this how my mind gestured prebiotic substances so so we’re.

Looking at this my god you have a rash that is not a rash that is decreased micro microbiota you have a screwed-up flora you got a screwed-up gut we got to heal your your skin from the inside out okay so now what we’re going to do I’m going to read some berry.

Juice on you to attract the normal bacteria that should be there and that’s going to wipe out the.

I just translated this yeah so so I mean lactobacillus okay in kids atopic eczema dermatitis syndrome it’s called a EDS associated with the substantial clinical improvement of taking healthy probiotics International Journal of cancer.

I love this impairment of the intestinal mucosal barrier appears to be involved in pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis how many dermatologists.

Are out there saying my god you got dermat dermatomyositis you got dermatitis we have to look at your gut flora we got to look at your intestinal barrier because we remember remember that means think think of the Tom and Jerry cartoon where do they stop Tom.

And Jerry cartoons okay any cartoon that they have where they shine a flashlight down a cat’s throat and you see it coming out the butt okay that’s the outside of the world so if you’re inside your intestinal mucosa is healthy that.

Means your skin is healthy yeah I mean it’s it’s it’s just brilliant psoriasis and atomic dermatitis Edie our chronic inflammatory skin disease which negative are negatively influenced the quality of life in the last year several evidence highlighted the pivotal role of skin.

Bacteria in the worsening symptoms of Aidan’s psoriasis significant.

Differences between the skin microbiota of psoriatic individuals and.

Healthy and Edie subjects were observed it doesn’t exist the psoriasis and atopic dermatitis and this this is apologies to everybody that’s been told that you have this and.

You have to use skin creams and you got to take the steroids and good guy we got to get you some antibiotics and we got to get you on the antivirals have you ever heard of that scenario it’s insane instead of saying my god let’s rub some berry.

Juice on you Aksum normal bacteria you know.

High levels consumption of fermented foods so what are they doing if you got sort psoriasis atopic dermatitis all those.

Skin disorders fermented foods to heal the body from the inside out interest Ling the consumption of coffee chocolate and ice cream was significantly negatively associated with the prevalence of AD so this means you take it in and it helps you now coffee intake appears do exert a moderate protective effect against basal cell cancer development you have skin cancer and you know I mean this is going to be an organic coffee would be.

Better we don’t want to have you know the toxins or poisons or you know pesticides in it increasing caffeine intake in caffeinated coffee consumption is associated with decreased risk of you canis malignant melanomas no say it with me Wow I even like coffee so this is cool.

And atopic dermatitis so you know what do we do vitamin A vitamin E plasma levels have an important role in the pathogenesis of acne studies suggest vitamin E can improve symptoms and quality of life vitamin E has no side effects what were the side effects of the.

Antifungals anti virals ND life drugs yeah supplementation with antioxidants vitamin E selenium could be feasible for the management of patients with severe forms of psoriasis no kidding calcium vitamin D and vitamin E have a therapeutic role in.

Such diseases as rosacea psoriasis by influencing the innate antibiotic and immune modulator on cows on it when you look at this innate innate is an inborn intelligence in the body.

We’re going to talk about this next month but there’s an intelligence in your body so so think of this when you see redness scratching rashes all this stuff that is an intelligent response by the body it’s not an unintelligent the body never does anything unintelligent vitamin a liver carrots and you know.

Or course organic liver sweet potatoes kale kale broccoli I did a squash who doesn’t want to.

Cotton cut up a little bit of this put it in you know pan with a little bit of coconut oil oh my god okay vitamin E almonds spinach sweet potatoes if you’ve never taken on organic sweet potatoes sliced it up put it in a pan toss a couple of leaves of.