Spinach in there SOT head oh good god okay low stomach acid ‘ti now this is.

Back when medical journals were really really sharp where they actually did unbiased studies went back to 1945 southern medical journal a stomach acid ninety percent of vitiligo patients had low stomach acid alopecia that’s hair loss lupus a hundred percent psoriasis you to carry eczema acne okay now now this is low stomach acid so how.

Many people are taking tums Rolaids how many people are drinking water with their meals water which dilutes the stomach acid I mean how many people have reflux okay because they’re under chronic stress I mean this is so clear but I.

N attend today I just because to prepare for all of these I’d look at a lot of information and I was listening to this one YouTube talk.

On it this guy was an idiot he was a professor at a dermatological college and you know he was a great surgeon I’m sure for plastic surgery and a clue he didn’t talk about anything that was that was beneficial so if you do have low stomach acid because of.

Environmental toxins Ben tain hydrochloric acid is Ashley good but only use it for a short period of time no listen no greater than 30 days subjects with atopic eczema acne vulgaris.

Seborrhoeic dermatitis rosacea improve following sunlight gets with this idiot dermatology said stay away from sunlight it’s really.

Bad yeah unless he actually was able to read you know then he’d find out from photo dermatology Journal vitamin D plays an important role in the immune system and it’s deficiency has been implicated in.

Various skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis I mean that the ability to read enhances your knowledge so much I wish you could go back to school is my sarcasm showing.

Because I don’t want to be too mean but I figure if you’re in the business to help people you should.

Freaking study did that was that was me kicking him in the testicles okay so vitamin D deficiency yeah you really pissed me off today asthma Ryan itis atopic dermatitis food allergies all help with vitamin D increased UVA exposure that means inside light no honey don’t go outside it’s sunny out there okay is bad for you getting outside may be responsible firm or staying inside low.

Levels of light increases melanoma okay UVB exposure the best way because at this time of year in the northern hemisphere we have low levels of light you got a supplement you got a supplement I mean you know typically 3,000 units for every hundred pounds but we got two and when we look at this vitamin D and K to work in harmony together so again we’re talking about the fermented foods.

Along with direct sunlight or supplements and I love this drugs Journal of drugs and dermatology today there is growing scientific evidence that suggest curcumin this is tumeric chronic pain inflammatory derma ptosis acceleration of wound close your skin infectious as well as cosmetic ill and elements such as depigmentation it has a protective role against pollutants and cytotoxic agents topical administration or curcumin can directly deliver it to affected tissue making it useful and treated.