Skin related disorders yes you have a skin inflammatory disease I’m going to sprinkle a little tumeric on it just makes sense it’s not it’s not poisonous oh my god but again in order to get this information you have to have the ability to read I tried to make a pride okay okay tumeric anti-inflammatory antimicrobial anti toxic antineoplastic antineoplastic means that it kills cancer variety of dermatological diseases acne alopecia atopic dermatitis photo tagging I mean this is this is like everything so I mean boiling it down if.

You look at the skin has expressing nutrient deficiencies or toxicities that’s it there’s not 3,000 diseases there’s going to be a poisoning or a loss of the gut flora vitamin.

A deficiency is vitamin C deficiencies zinc essential fatty acids B deficiencies dark circles that’s going to be mineral deficiencies which is also low stomach acid pellagra okay which is nice and deficiencies I mean that we just had patients uncle who is in deep trouble for problems with low sodium in it and it’s because the low so low salt diet it’s just insane when we.

Put up the five keys for healing imagine of skin disorders were there because of deficiency on toxicity you need to get your nervous system check because if you’re in a sympathetic dominant state you’re going.

To have low stomach acid what does that do to skin okay if you’re in a stress state what does that do to cortisol levels got to get starts with the nervous system exercise to detox your body hopefully you’re exercising outside where the Sun is okay proper nutrition I wish I could play that just for shits and giggles because you would you would be driven crazy by this guy proper nutrition that means a man makes it you.

Don’t eat it’s got to be organic sufficient rest why because that helps the immune system that’s what the skin disorders are from and prayer meditation.

Does that help your immune system and then for the internet trolls and those are interested who have.

The ability to read reference reference reference Bay now any questions yes ma’am could you put the tumeric the powder turmeric like in your coconut oil yeah absolutely yeah there there’s so many good things that you can do with.

Certain spices one of them don’t do this if you have a cut you put what’s what’s the red spice cayenne cayenne pepper with with coconut incredible it rushes blood to the area phenomenal for helping like bursitis and things but yep you could do.

It right on yes ma’am I have a family member who insists that the reason why he developed acne because he didn’t have it before and it wasn’t in his family was because he was trying to help his mom out changing out the fluids in her car and didn’t know to wait until the heat died down to you know unscrew where.

The coolant is and something splashed up in his face and burnt his whole face and neck and after that incident he developed acne and he still has it to this day at 37 years old where was nobody else did and he’s like I can’t do anything to get rid of this nothing else has helped what’s going on it’s done clay.

Masks and detoxing and tried to step up this nutrition but nothing seems to work one of the best things is to go back realize that it’s the because you can actually have burns and it can damage those multiple layers so if you’re missing the oils of the skin okay like the sebaceous glands if you’re missing the body’s ability to detox if that actually closed the pores absolutely they can negatively affect you but but rebuild his skin flora rebuild his gut floor get the nerves that that work there you.

Know correct and it may yet if he has major scar tissue that could be really damaged if he doesn’t have major scar tissue and this this is a really cool trick to for old acne scars or you know just any you know bad cuts that you have because remember your body is always regenerating if you take a.

Clear you know cotton cloth just white cotton no no nothing on it put filtered.

Water on it and no soap or anything else you just scrub your face because what what are you doing when you have scars on it okay by rubbing it you know you’re getting rid of that that top layer of cells you’re not going to be using.

Soap that’s can disrupt the normal flora by rubbing it really really hard you’re going to be stimulating the blood flow you’re going.

To be stimulating macrophage activity you’re going to be.

A start and eliminate scar tissue I mean I used to have the coolest looking scar that went all the way down you can still see it a little bit but man it looked awesome but I did that and it you know went away which kind of decreased my character but but you know if you.

Want a scar to go to weight try it because it really you really will seal scar scar tissue go away just got a scrub real hard change it do it every day.

And you’re going to see your body renew you supplemented your character the scar look cool though it really did yes sir what do you see the connection oh it will think of this because the the stomach and digestion is governed by part of the nervous about rest digest.

And repair that’s the parasympathetic the fight-or-flight the thing that.

Keeps you alive under stress is the other half and when one’s active the other ones not so if you’re physically stressed like you’re.

Driving and you’re frustrated with the traffic or you’re you’re pissed off with thoughts of the game that’s being played on TV okay you’re going to.

Be in a sympathetic dominant state which means you’re going to have low nerve supply going to the stomach that.

Means low stomach acid everything else this is why when people are upset they say ah man got some indigestion yeah because you’re not you’re not focusing in on digesting the food you’re in a stress State and so that’ll create low stomach acid but also most common one is drinking water if you’re.

Because when you smell food you create an acid and if you’re drinking water with meals.

You’re diluting the acid and then the only reason that we’re alive is because we’re able to break those proteins two amino acids and if we’re decreasing the acid we don’t have available building products okay we don’t have the building products man we can’t build healthy stuff particularly skin because I mean every 28 days it’s brand-new it requires a lot of materials oh yeah that’s that’s going to be fun I actually.