Hey everybody my name is master off let’s welcome the age of War one this is the first game of the franchise you know that being aged war army of Ages and art of age of war – no I don’t know if army of Ages is really part of that franchise regardless welcome find this on impossible difficulty will we.

Win that’s a good question already our high-level unit is dead so I will instead like call upon this now there’s.

No upgrades in this sum in this version there’s really like nothing really they.

Go awful Oh in three units five ages so enjoy as you can see it’s a it’s quite the climb honestly let’s.

Like get the SPECIAL again I’m gonna just use it ASAP then then just I’ll hold the line a little bit alright you need to hold on a bit more from the looks of it Jesus Christ hold on hold on it’s almost here oh okay alright let’s.

Do that again I will keep playing this on a harder difficulty why you may ask well I’m uh I’m a sucker for pain I guess alright so I’m gonna wait.

Till the army of theirs gets really fat never use disability this will be my trap card afterwards I’m gonna go and use the funds to get myself an egg automatic machine gun why do they have machine guns in the caveman age I believe you me I do not.

Really know die infidel Oh eggs are not really that um that powerful this might be a problem we do need a little bit more eggs from the looks of it oh my god he’s about to do it what a man man you want a madman this is a good strategy in order.

To add an or third spot I just need a measly thousand points Wow incredible.

Let’s see let’s see if we get even with this honestly this is gonna be a big meme if we can come on show me the money.
All right all right good good.

Right we got the primitive catapult to be better but we don’t really have that so that’s a little bit unfortunately a little Twinkie dink hello Dino liner please please.

Please this is crazy thank you so much damage I think in two hits thank you bye infantry units I use the eggs you no I’m gonna get I’m gonna keep doing this I don’t care what happens I’m gonna.

Do through this all right we need to get the to the primitive catapult ASAP you rocks okay wow that was really disappointing you during the difficulty would be like admitting defeat which is want to do rock slingshot go this thing sucks so much all right we just deserve to lose just kill us off Oh Baby this works Oh yep there’s that ah let’s.

Go for harder baby alright this time this time you there’s no upgrades of this version which means uh go-fuck-yourself master wrongfulness is exactly what it means you Wacom all right this is a I’m building my tanks right now remember taking assembled except it’s like Dino tech assembled now if dinosaurs the caveman lived at this same exact time.

That came that would be able to live because it’s a higher co2 than what they’re used to so I don’t know what’s happening well that’s a little bit better.

Than the impossible difficulty I’ll say that oh my god just miss every single shot you can Jesus there’s a reason why I like the second version a lot better friends of these ages are a lot larger so there’s a little bit of.