Organizations all over the world rely on Microsoft SharePoint to empower their employees to securely create and share documents discover and access relevant content and collaborate more effectively often this content includes calendars strategic plans HR and financial documents and other sensitive data making it an attractive target for both internal and external attackers so how do you know say who.

Deleted a file with critical financial.

Information or what settings were modified that disabled access to a web application and how can you deal with the countless report requests from internal and external auditors introducing metrics auditor for.

SharePoint IT auditing software that maximizes visibility.

Into what’s happening across your entire SharePoint environment enforce the least privilege principle by regularly.

Reviewing access rights to critical data and ensuring that this data is not overexposed enhance the security of your data by monitoring both successful content reads and changes to permissions for accessing sensitive information minimize business process disruptions by keeping tabs on farm configuration changes that.

Might affect the availability of data or applications speed reporting with predefined reports that detail who changed what when and where each change.

Was made and before-and-after values for all modified settings be the first to know about critical activity such as changes to group membership or permissions with custom alerts that help you identify and respond to privileged escalation much faster and provide answers to auditors questions faster with out of the box compliance reports and easily address any specific question or report requests with interactive search visit net Rick’s comm for a free trial or a one-to-one demo and.

Get maximum visibility into user activity across your SharePoint sites today.