Véra allows you to get total control over your data even when it’s moved out of box accessing various secure files in box is the same as you normally would either from box comm or box drive not only that you can edit and interact with secure files straight from a browser no extra downloads required once you complete your editing.

You can save back to box directly after that sharing files is as simple as saving using véra doesn’t change your usual workflows but gives you peace of.

Control access to your content even after you click send véra ensures.

That files and box remain secured even when they’re downloaded and shared as soon as a collaborator receives a file they’re required to authenticate their identity to determine their level of security then they’re able to access the secure.

File as usual with vera for box you get content security extended outside box frictionless implementation.

And onboarding and automated data security so you no longer have to risk information loss your data travels beyond box make sure your security does too.