Today we were here talking about election security bringing together some of the best minds in cybersecurity some really great companies and and some great people in DC who are drive the driving force behind making a lot of this stuff happen the government whether it’s the federal government and state government continue to could continue can and will continue to.

Push the basic cyber practices it being national cybersecurity Awareness Month will stop hammering the basics when we all get the basics right what can industry do industry recognizing that this is a shared responsibility and.

That everybody has a role in this fight industry has really stepped up over the last couple months I think in terms of offering services free services to state and local election officials and campaigns so credit should go to industry and does go to industry on this I started syn/ack about six years ago I came out of NSA before founding the company under the simple premise that most.

Enterprises and government institutions are having a really difficult time.

Understanding where their vulnerabilities are you know Chris just talked a little bit about how DHS is helping scan at the state level they’re doing this at the federal level but scanning is just not enough and.

So we created a company where we actually crowdsource vulnerability discovery across large enterprises and government agencies basically meaning we recruit a global network of hackers in over 65 countries and leverage.

Them to help us understand where are the vulnerabilities that are going to enable the bad guys to get in we’ve been doing this for six years and we really recognize this is the future this is.

How all organizations are going to be doing this type of vulnerability identification and we’re seeing tremendous success from an election security standpoint we were really excited about six months ago to announce our secure the election initiative where we’re effectively providing five hundred fifty thousand dollars of pro bono services and products to States to help them secure their voter registration.

Systems and we’re starting with just that and we’re moving beyond that hopefully in preparation for the 2020 presidential not enough time to secure the voting systems themselves for the midterms but we’re hoping to get there what we’re doing in the space I think really spans a spans a variety of issues and I think it starts by just the fact that I’m on the defending democracy team we have.

Dedicated team of about eight people across the world that are focused exclusively on security issues in the campaigns and election space in 2014 we realized that in order to do what we wanted to do which our mission is to help build a better internet we had to provide services to.

Entities that shouldn’t be knocked offline so we started offering free services to civil society groups to human rights groups to media.

Organizations that we really thought had an important place to play on the Internet.

So our election work actually comes out.

Couple of weeks ago we actually surveyed a segment of our crowdsource community of freelance ethical hackers and we asked them if you were.