The reality is that we are under threatened from foreign actors we have been so since before the 2016 election and we have to be vigilant Maricopa County Recorder Adrienne font has reiterating what Secretary of State Michele Reagan tweeted regarding cyber threats to Arizona’s election system but he’s also emphasizing that state officials are doing something about it we’re taking.

This all very very seriously and we’re gonna do real well.

By voters the Secretary of State just.

Released this report after she says she ordered.

A top-to-bottom review this comes after the Senate Intelligence Committee acknowledged Russian government interference in 2016 to try and access our states a voter registration system as well as up.

To 21 other states the report identified security gaps and lays out recommendations like the need for secure software and infrastructure and consistent human oversight we’ve had folks trying to probe into our election systems for quite.

Some time and we’ve been very very good at making sure that every single one of those ballots that are cast by valid voters are actually counted well font to this office didn’t release the report and can’t comment specifically on it he says he’s confident about what.

Maricopa County is doing to heighten cybersecurity and protect its voters we have a lot of auditing that happens inside of the election itself and by the way none of our tabulation systems are.

Connected to the Internet and while the report says security in Arizona remains at a reactive level fajn test says that doesn’t mean things aren’t improving we’ve been very proactive in a lot of different areas regarding the types of screening that we do and then we’re always reactive when we see a.