Sending video over IP is the easiest part of network Davy anybody can do that the hard part is building real-world solutions that allow customers to deploy to monitor to troubleshoot and to expand with their future needs I was the founder and CEO of SBS I it was founded 14 years ago and we’ve been building networked AV products for.

Market with the product and certainly the first on the market with a truly networked enterprise solution our legacy with high-speed cameras kind of evolved naturally into networked AV our.

High-speed cameras could do 17,000 frames a second 1080p 60 that’s a piece of cake so all that technical expertise that we brought to Harman has really ramped up Arlen’s networked AV capability and their product line currently we sell products that account for.

At least five different compression codecs I mean no wonder vendor on the market even comes close we have deployed.

Over 100,000 networked AV endpoints to date you know no other network Devi vendor even comes close to that so this real world experience deploying even on dedicated networks all the way up to enterprise level networks is.

Just unsurpassed when it comes to network Devi we’re in a complete different league we’ve been doing this far longer than any other company in the industry as a result we have a product portfolio that’s the widest in the industry the most secure and delivers the lowest total cost of.

Ownership and that’s why the largest enterprise customers in.

The world want to work with Harman companies like Huawei companies like Citigroup BP oil large universities because they know that when they put our product on the network it’s going to work it’s going to deliver great performance Harmon takes a completely different approach to never Devi it’s a tailor-fit solution for that particular project.
That particular customer and our features in our.

Products reflect that those feature sets include p OE local playing host play network video recording window processing as well as robust control powerbreathe darkness is being able to deliver power with just a single cable not needing additional power supplies cabling or infrastructure to be able to get power to that particular unit so it.

Really does allow you to expand your system it allows you to get to certain spaces without the need of additional equipment and infrastructure and the.
Associated costs with those so let’s say that you have.

A network operation center or an Emergency Operations Center you have the need to.

Be able to have multiple sources on a single display or multiple sources on multiple displays that’s where the windowing processor comes in the windowing processor is gonna allow you to bring in multiple sources onto a single surface so imagine.

Having a dynamic canvas where.

You can paint the layout that you’re looking for not just being stuck within a single source within.

A single destination it allows you to open up and allow a more flexible solution to fit that particular need the reason why we came up with local play and house play was to provide a different experience when say for instance here in a conference room and somebody disconnects their laptop we don’t.