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Our first ever female guest finally got this going been trying to get a female on here for a while and boom we have Kezia noble dating expert for men she’s a.

Published author of the best-selling book of the noble art of seducing women is a regular newspaper and magazine columnist.

As well as a frequent guest dating expert on TV shows across the globe I think today guys we’re gonna learn some unique points and perspectives on the opposite sex so let’s give it up for Kezia noble and I’m happy to be here all righty let’s jump in with your favorite success.

Quote Kezia what do you got for us I would rather live a life of oh well some what.

Is I think that when I first heard it like a years ago I just resonated.

With me so much I was like that’s exactly how I’ve always lived them I’m a can-do person I don’t see any barriers I don’t see any red lights and I’ve looked back in my past and I’ve gone oh well that didn’t work out but I’ve seen.
People who just got old what if.

What if I done that what if I chosen this and they’re the most depressed people I don’t want to be like that oh just like Pepsi says live for now okay Kaz everyone’s kind of wondering how did cassia get involved as a dating and relationship coach everyone wants to know so the stage or should I say the mic is yours go ahead share the.

Audience your story let’s go way back to 2006 I was minding my own business and a man approached me in a bar and.

He tells me as a pickup artist and literally I said what.

Is that become a sort of pickup artist was signed to do with poker something I’m not kidding I was completely naive about the whole community what it was and he told me what it was and said look we teach guys how to improve the success rate with women by giving them skills.

And techniques and I was like you can’t do.

That I was a complete skeptic I said you cannot do that you either got.

It or you have them he says I tell you what come down to one of.

Our training camps this isn’t central London and.

I will prove it to you and plus you can give some feedback to the guys I was thinking my god they’ve even got courses about this this is this.