Oh hi I didn’t see you there today we’re going to be speaking about fuck well our qualification ah nah just kidding today we’re going to be speaking about qualification I’m in beautiful Odessa Ukraine behind the Cathedral what is up what is up guys lives from interchange dating and today we’re going to be speaking about qualification and the reason.

I want to speak about qualification today is because there’s a lot of misunderstanding about this topic in the community people are using it wrong they’re calling it the wrong terms and they’re not really.

Understanding the principle very very well so before I get into qualification I want to tell you what it qualify is.

Not qualification is not disqualification just a brief definition of disqualification and what it is disqualification is basically what you use to disqualify a.

When you are attempting to escalate with a goal when you are attempting to either physically escalate with her.

Or take her home and what I mean by this is that it takes the pressure off if you just qualify the goal in.

The sense that you just qualify the endpoint in that you say to her something like you and me are not gonna get along or you and me are definitely not having sex tonight basically what you do.

Is you make the end goal which is in most cases six not obvious and why this is so powerful is because with most guys they push push push push and the girls like well fuck obviously he wants to get in my pants but if you have someone else who’s a little bit different and they say well you know what you and me actually not this is not.

Gonna work then she you put her into the role that the way she actually chases you now the other thing that qualification gets mixed up with is an SOI which is a statement of interest and a statement of interest is just very simply you know what I like you you’re adventurous.

That’s not a qualification that’s not a qualification because you’re not getting her to qualify herself to you now we are going to get on to qualification qualification basically gets the girl to invest in you and it makes her live up to your expectations now the reason people qualify is because it demonstrates something a lot deeper than the surface level of.

What makes you interesting or beauty is abundant what else do you have going for you know the fucking basic or the ones that have been used hundreds of times before what it does is that it places you into the role of the selector where most guys are not so when you say something like what makes you special or you know what else do you have going for you it basically signifies that you have choice.

In your life that you have abundance in women and now because you have.

Abundance and women you have the option to actually find pick which ones you want and because you’re coming from that that mentality that is attractive because everyone all girls want a guy who is highly valued now on to the juicy stuff how do you actually do qualification now there are two ways that I like to think about this and the first one is getting your mentality right before you even speak.

Daygame when you see a girl walking down the street get your mentality right and I often say this to my students in that before they run off and shotgun approach like 50 girls in an hour think to yourself you look at that girl you see her dress and you think what actually makes her interesting now.

When I say get your mentality right what I mean is create some insanity of curiosity where you actually want to learn.

About the goal where you actually want to find out what makes her interesting and if you if you create that mentality before you even go and speak to her it’s gonna form a foundation which will positively influence your actions and how you interact with her so now as opposed to – I’m saying to her you know what do you do you’re gonna say to her something like you know what you look like a teacher what do you what do you.

Do I get a I get that vibe from you it makes the conversation a lot more interesting and it also places you into.

That role of the selector now the second point in how to actually qualify the girl it’s very important to understand this.

Point now don’t qualify a girl and so she has shown a certain amount of interest in youth in combination to that in addition to this.

The strength of the qualify that you used with her must be calibrated according to how much.

Interest she’s shown in you and this took a long time for me to learn in that I’d go up to ago and off the bat after speaking to her for like 30 seconds I’d say what makes you interesting or.

Something fucking stupid like that but it it’s not a bad line it’s just how it was used it wasn’t calibrated at all and the girl would look at me and she wouldn’t even want to.

Answer me and the reason she didn’t want to answer me or she didn’t want to invest in the conversation was because she hadn’t actually shown any interest.

So there wasn’t any reason for her to qualify herself to me.

Had absolutely no vested interest in the conversation now why I say this is.

So important is that it’s important because you need to bold some form of rapport before you start qualifying a girl or calibrate the strength of your qualifications according to how interested she is obviously the more interested a girl is the.

Heart of the qualification a harder qualification a very very hard qualification is you know beauty is abundant what makes you special something along those lines if she is heavily interested in you then she’ll answer now how do you actually get to that level.

Of interest where she is investing there are other spikes that you can use and I’m sure you’ve heard of them they’re push pull roll play challenging teasing and things of that nature so before you get to that level of interest preferably use those as opposed to hard qualifies so an example would be of a little push pull like I like that dress but the shoes I’m not so sure about those things.

Of that nature you could do challenging if she says something go you know it is that really the.

Case if she has clothes on you could say like are those from Primark just playing around spiking her interest showing her that you’re not a little bitch so and so you’ve gotten a certain level of interest don’t qualify her too hard otherwise it’s just going to flop on the floor and.

You’re probably going to lose the girl but anyways guys the points to take away from this video or understand what it does qualify.

Is what a statement of interest is and what a qualification question is understand why it’s used and understand how to use it to brief to to sum up simply get your mentality right mentality of.

Curiosity second of all don’t qualify the girl until she’s shown some form of interest in you so that is the video guys I hope you enjoy use.
It effectively make your game better if you have any questions email me at.

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