What’s up guys I know I haven’t uploaded any videos lately but I’ve been doing a lot of work in the bike and actually I’m out here with my boy Vince with this brand new build that he just got done so we’re gonna go check that out take some pictures of them show you guys a little bit of what.

The car ready for sale one of the most important aspects of selling and buying cars on eBay or anywhere else you sell it it’s getting.

Good pictures so let’s check out what Ben’s doing sup buddy it’s looking good we got Vince over here it’s a brand new build.

For sale so if you guys are gonna check that out also make sure you guys check out Vince’s course link in description below make sure you guys use my.

Discount code flip you guys get a bunch of money off the course brand new build good.

Really good we got the white body on it and there’s.

With the AFR heads and it has a whole bunch of other goodies on it so far is looking amazing exactly Vince actually goes through the entire process how to take proper pictures to sell in the course it’s one of the main components of the course is how to take proper pictures be like oh well just take pictures of the car know there’s actual correct way to do this so a couple of things Vince likes to do.

To take pictures in different lighting just to make sure that everybody knows what the car looks like in different lighting because the colors do change and obviously.

The car looks really good in nomads and no matter what lighting.

He’s in but alright guys so Vince is.

Gonna go and take some more pictures at our new spot he has to go before the light goes down so I don’t want to keep them any more than I have to because the light is it’s really good lighting today the clouds are there’s no clouds in.

The sky I was looking really good right now so he’s gonna go get those pictures nice beautiful car.

Beautiful beautiful clock I really like the color scheme – really nice anyways I’ll give you guys a quick rundown.

Of what Vince does pretty much everything that we’re.

Going to talk about is in his course giving you guys a quick sample of what we do to sell these type of cars you want to make sure you take really good pictures obviously because.

When you’re selling cars at this level you do have to make sure that everything is disclosed nobody has any surprises when it comes to you know.

Buying a car at this level but anyways if you guys want to know more about how to take proper pictures how to upload them how to do everything that.
Cars link in description by the.

Course it’s gonna be good guys if you guys know anything about.

Anything you guys I realized real.

Quick that you’ll make your money back real fast when you.

Take this course and actually start implementing everything that we teach you in that course well Vince teaches you in that course Vince actually did a better job of creating that course than I did what I wanted to do was create a course like that the video course but Vince did it and I don’t have the time to do it so I’m like it I’ll just tell.

The guys to go buy your course because it’s that good 100 percent back it recommended let’s go back to the shop and show you guys what I’ve been working on for the past week I’ll show you guys in a little bit.