Alright well we just pulled them to I guess our first spot September 6 2008 teen my little brother I have my big brother just pulled in Colorado here we drove I guess pretty much all night drove yesterday afternoon picked up my older brother in Kansas City and we’re gonna go see if we can’t start a major elk stampede.

So new place new area we’ve never really been to it we just found out how much and.

How different it looks on the map and in person which is normal so a lot flatter on the map yeah we’re ready can’t be so we just have getting.

Hot pretty high and days bugle and we got one vehicle and back so now we gotta figure out what.

To do next probably try to sneak and look at it close the distance enough yeah well you think you slow harder higher than we are maybe is maybe smaller small it’s small but you have a shot yep I’ve been thinking about my breaking shot just knock it down.

All these healthy air that bulb you got out in the open probably six or eight pounds right there point plane they didn’t seem to care and then that ball was still up here we didn’t know how big he was being kind of started working through and I could see him up there heat is what real.

Bit so second date on I wasn’t too worried about pulling the trigger on him so days is still vehicle in back there let him go another 30 minutes boy sounds big i b2b no this ain’t over yet date twos kind now.
Winded down a little bit around hose out this morning but.

We thought there was a bigger poll in the group and we never did see him he went.

Down to that bottom bugling so we chased him and then we got down there and then he showed up so we were kind of scratching our heads a little bit what to do just because there’s not a bunch of sign anywhere and don’t go away back up on top oh my god maybe the same Bowl bugle and down the bottom again what a dumping.

Down in there now and then way over yonder.

We saw a group of elk nothing that we could get you today but might be some private land issues with that anyways but.

Way up on top now and Romanians got dis response see you can pick something alright the last little setup didn’t quite work a double come on a little bit too fast and it was a smaller bowl not that big type it down on this other drainage sounds like a nice ball down in there they ain’t too awfully far charging that’s a real pro tip.

Right there Doritos sign all right we are headed up to mount Juan last time we actually were in to elk.

For a couple days they’re pretty good but they kind of quit bugle in and we’re kind of wondering if we didn’t.

Push him out he’s kind of kept making loops in this area and a lot of good sign but the last two.

Hunts we didn’t hear bugle and it makes her really tough to try to kill one if you don’t know they’re there we just bumped so many elk so we’d run out of food and we are headed up the hill for two more outs the evening hunt in a morning hunt so this is.
Someone we were at about a week ago or so.

Maybe in whatever we know there’s some Bulls in there and they were pretty vocal which is good which is what we want so we’re gonna head up the hill and try to get lucky well not once he clears the dream the chaplain sure you.