Can see them go down right here you got your read endemic alcohol oh man oh what a week what a week and we just see a net food.
Man he was a monster though I’m not gonna complain about.

The head I mean that was a hard week.

Oh he’s called him write down any he was on that hill they spelled wrong man yeah I thought you have the only thing that’s the only thing I was worried about is was he gonna spook when Drew when he drew but he didn’t so drew I don’t think he ever know we were there did you ever have to go you.

Nope no he just kind of paused he just kind of paused shot when I bugle then right yeah when I drew back I forgot I had never shot a bow ever my life it’s like hey calm down man what a beautiful place up.

Here yeah too bad we didn’t know about this last week make the better makes it better hey you’re 500 bucks richer.

You don’t got a Mountie Oh we started this up packing day on the sixth I paint a September is that sound right yep you pick up 13 up and we have probably had 10 encounters opportunities lot.

Of them with blue art just because we didn’t know what we’re doing were blue those opportunities but this was our second to last hunt we’re gonna camp up here and by a week ago we heard a couple bowls really screaming.

In here good bit one of this one play one of them was a really good sounding Bowl and we saw that man look like a big 6×6 and Jason he.

Says he won’t shoot that rag horn-like yeah if you call him in he goes I’ll call him in and he was bedded up on that hill and we’d been calling as we come up through here and I think they must obviously had to hurt us.

Because they were looking down when we kind of peeked around a corner about second cow call his.

Thing stood up I was telling Danny I don’t know and Andy started coming and he came he must have come a thousand yards yep thank you guys that was fun yeah man that was a blast.