Hey today I want to talk about scenes and sources on OBS how you can use them switch between different scenes at different stuff are sources and what this is all about first of all let’s take a look at scenes area this is this little rectangle on the left you can see right here and different scenes allow you to.

To switch between different lists of sources sources on the other hand allow you to add stuff like images your.
Desktop capture or so to say a game and similar stuff so if.

You switch between different scenes this allows you to go from a desktop scene for example to your game scene and in my case I already added two scenes one called intro scene and one called a desktop scene and I now want to show you how to add a scene for your game it’s pretty simple just right click in this little empty area right here and at a new scene and in this.

Case we will give it a name called zeroes free game you can always right-click a scene to rename it also you can copy it give it in and stand in this case you can it will also include all sources you already added if you copy a scene and you can then give it a new name for example game number two so in this case you would only have to switch one or two sewer sources.

To accomplish capturing of a different game and could use all our resources you already added to the earlier game you used so you can add scenes change the order of the scenes just means the order you can see right here 1 2 3 4 I could for example change the fourth scene.

To be the first scene move the top or change it back to beat last scene you can also remove a scene if you don’t need it anymore rename it if you changed its content for example different name I already showed you the copy action and you can also set a hotkey for example I will just use the hotkey number four on my keyboard now if.

I am on interesting number one for example and that press four on my keyboard it will switch to scene four I.

Could do the same for scene number three I just trust three and I can now switch between those two seems as you can see by pressing the keys on my keyboard so this is also interesting if you are in a game and want to switch to.

Passing for example that artists as well but of course we also have to add our sources right now so first of all let’s start to preview so we can see as soon as we add those source to the list what we have added and for the intro we will first of all.

Begin just with little image and also add a little text source trade the image plugin is pretty simple you just get the Browse button go to the folder you will have your image saved and selected then you have the option to change its opacity to give it a little transparency effect for example and you can also activate a check for child file changes option which.

Allows you to change the image file while it’s already loaded into OBS and OBS will notice this change and then update the video the image file inside obvious last but not least you can also use the color key feature an image files at first all we have to edit quickly.

So I can showcase you this now in this case you can see I have a little drawer right here surrounded by a pretty much green area and to showcase you the.