Color key feature our editors in.

The second picture to this scene let me use this one for example as you can see this is now completely solid and hides my second image completely as I can’t see it anymore now I could now get into the properties of my red image with the little hitman right here use the color key function and select red text.

And click OK and as you can see now pretty much all red except for this little area of his dress right here has been removed.

And I can see the background behind this image now we can also go right into the options you have for every source that you added this to your scenes which are in the right-click menu you can menu you can see right here and these also.

Include the order as you know it already from the scenes and the order for sources in this case a bit more.

Important because as you can see already I’m the second images at the moment on top of the first image now if I change the order and move the first image up it will hide everything that is behind it so the order can allow you to hide some parts of an image choke a staff at an.

Overlay or similar stuff so I will change move up image tube again and as you can see because of its.

Transparency you can now see what’s behind it still next option after the order of the sources is to position and the size as you can see the it men is a bit cut off all right here on the right though you would want to position and fit to.

Screen so the whole image best fits the borders right.

Here and if you already watched my tutorial about the interface of OBS you already know about edit scene button as well which would allow you to also resize the image or for example crop off areas of the image sorry for wrong button left.

All Alt key so in this case you could for example also try to remove the Hitman text and then move to admit the right side for example and get.

A little it’d been on your stream at shooting um that’s for yet edit scene button let’s get back to position in science which also went over and interfaced tutorial but let’s quickly go over it you always can reset the size so the image get specs scaled to its original size but as you can see the.

Cropping is still active in this case you would also want to reset the cropping or everything is back in order as you can see and the image is back on full size you can also use the shortcut keys on your keyboard you can see a row right here and then the other option should be mostly.

Self-explanatory for example the center options often pretty useful combined with to fit the screen and yeah that’s pretty much it about the.

Position in size stuff you can also remove any source you.

Don’t want to use anymore and you can also rename every source after you have edited for example to find.

It a bit better if you have a longer list than this and with a double-click on.

By right-clicking and going on properties you can always get back into the properties dialog each sauce fill let’s change this is our intro image and is OK for us but we want a little text as well so in this case we want.