To add a little text zones from the names and okay we’re for our purpose so let’s choose this will open this little dialog and it’s that’s used font we want to use for the text let’s see a little bit gothic-style because of my background.
Picture then enter the text you want to use added to.

The scene so you can see the text first of all for.

Our first time now let’s get back into the properties and change a bit of stuff of course this is pretty.

Much the normal interface you already know of Microsoft Word or similar stuff you have the font size bold italic and lines or vertical of course means vertical aligned text you can.

Change the text color or give it a little outline for example to make it stand out a.

Little bit or something like that let’s change to size a little bit so.

You could see it a bit better and the thickness of the outline you can also make.

The text a little bit transparent or give it a little background which is a semi transparent or completely solid and of course you can always change to text background color order cheques color itself and change the opacity back to 100 or for example make its fastest folding right 500 and if you want to change the direction of a scrolling speed for example you just have to add or remove a minus symbol so this will change.

The scroll or scroll Direction last but not least very interesting are these 2.2 custom text events and the text from file option first of all text from file allows you to simply I hope I have a text file I can use allows you to select a little text file for example with some advertisement stuff or similar and you could then oh sorry that was receptive sighs quickly okay as you.

Can see this is the content of my text file I just selected in.

The use a text from file area and I in good now for example say used custom text TV extents this means we can.

Select the area using special D size of our text for example give it a white of.

208 500 and now of course this cuts off our text in this case though first of all let’s use a little bit smaller.

Size oh maybe okay like this and then let’s wrap this text so as you can see nothing gets cut off but you can always read every.

Text except for the text that cuts gets cut off because of because of the combination of your font.

Size and your area size not all text confidence on cases so if you are in such case and for example always want to show the last lines of your text you could also activate the scroll mode and this would show the end of the text file in this case and always also keep updated for example if you output your chat lock to a text file you could then include it as a text source and use the scroll mode option to.

Always show the last chat lines that got saved to your text file or to a log file in this case for example but this is also something I will show in another tutorial and so that’s about it for now let us quickly deactivate this option.

To show you the difference but after you change the font size it’s often necessary.

Reset the size of your source again and as you can see the colors are horrible I selected but everything after text is now.