Hello everyone I’m back for another music Monday like I’ve been saying in the beginning a lot of these that it may not be uploaded on a Monday but it’s kind of a catch-all term for my CD reviews but Fridays are working better for scheduling I don’t buy time this one’s uploaded I might end up doing it on Mondays.

Who knows that it’s just a catch-all term for.

Music Monday anyways I’m back for another one with st.

Vincent’s mass seduction I like stumble I didn’t think I said Vincent right so I.

Was like stumbling there now this CD I will say is going to be a love it or hate it album it’s definitely got a certain sound that if you’re not in a certain mood it’s.

Definitely not going to sound very good to you it’s a very sexualized album hence the name bass seduction but I think it definitely falls flat in a lot of areas the tracks are short which helps the album to move along and not feel like it’s dragging out as much so it does help in.

That area but I do feel like it sounds a lot like Lana Del Rey’s newest release apart of meze I feel that Lana Del Rey’s album is better and I would almost say just go listen to that / st. vincent’s I know a lot of people are going to disagree but I just feel like this comes up just a touch bit week but the track listing is hang on.

Me pills mass seduction sugar boy Los Angeles happy birthday Johnny save your New York fear the future young lover Dancing.

With the ghosts no disco and smoking section now the first song off this album that I really loved was pills I’ve never suffered with any pill addiction or medication addiction and any sort of way but having my Addison’s and happened to take steroids for the rest of my life I do kind of commiserate with the meaning of that track so I felt like.

Divulging a little bit more.

Listening to the rest of the album I know it was released like when October last year but October last year was definitely a whirlwind for me so I did not get a chance to.
Listen to a lot of these albums in full that’s why you’re going to see.

Huge amount of music Mondays but the first track hang on me is basically like a destructive relationship where you just hang on each other through everything that’s in more of a destructive manner like destructive dysfunctional relationship man or pills is pretty much.
What I just said like pill abuse living on pills uppers.

Downers diet pills anxiety pills pills for everything mass deduction is being turned down by someone but not being able to get anything out of it sugar boy I really couldn’t derive a good meaning from it.

It’s kind of a skippable track Los Angeles can either be losing.

Losing Los Angeles because they say it’s like a monster that would like chew you up and spit you out or can just be being in.

A relationship with somebody and losing them and the heartbreak that comes from it and just wondering how people can break up with this person and go on with your life.

Happy birthday Johnny is about losing touch with somebody that you love and just wanting to tell them happy.

Birthday Savior is basically a sexual Savior sexual healer.

Person in your life I think it’s a very interesting track New York is about like I said a couple these tracks can either be like love songs or breakup songs with the city or with the person who’s lived in those cities fear the future is.

About wanting to be reassured in something the future relationship young lover dating someone younger and it not working and the differences that go along with.

It Dancing with the ghost is just a silent or true to go into slow disco which is like a really pretty more poetic way to talk about breaking up with somebody just kind of.

Not doing the dance anymore not playing into the smoke and mirrors and just ending the relationship smoking section I.

Think the beginning of smoking section sounds terrible lyrically I think she should have started out in a different way but it’s.

Really about the call of the void and if you don’t know what call.

The void is it’s like let’s say you’re driving and you’re on a bridge and all of a sudden you just envision driving off the bridge crashing your car dying or like if you’re driving in the country you look down at a field and you just think about rolling your car or just any incidents where all of a sudden you just.

Get the call to take your life it’s basically called the call before and that’s pretty much what this track is about it’s about all the different ways to like self-mutilator kill yourself for wanting to destroy yourself is the best way to put it.

Would be the color void my top 3 tracks would.

Be pills Savior and slow disco the smoking section would have got on there but I really didn’t like how it began so I didn’t really kind of recommend it to people but I do think it’s a very poetic interesting track to check out but to really have people.

Check out the best tracks off there I kind of wanted to you know divert something a little bit more pleasing when you first listen to it so you’re not going to shut it off immediately but I do think I’ve never been a huge st. vincent fan a lot of people have loved her I’ve never been a huge fan pihl’s really got me to take a little bit more of an interest and see what.

Was going on with her as an artist but I do think it’s.

Something that’s going to be you either love it or you absolutely hate it with her and I’m on the fence even though they say you love it or you hate it I do I think I’m more towards loving it because there are some good.

I’ve read reviews where people are kind of tired of over sexualized albums and sexualized tracks and people are kind of wanting something a little bit more substance and I can agree but when you do see a track named mass seduction what do you think you’re going to get tracks about you’re going to tracks about a lot of sexual.

Topics so it’s not like the wrong place to look for something that’s a little deeper and has a little bit more meaning and depth to the tracks so that is my thoughts on this album if I stalk any more she’s going to end.

Up being repetitive so I do hope you enjoyed the review and I would see you guys in the next one.