What could you do to improve yourself well let’s step one step backwards the first question might be why should you even bother improving yourself and I think the answer to that is something like so you don’t suffer anymore stupidly than you have to and maybe so others don’t have to either it’s something like that you know like there’s.

A real injunction at the bottom of it it’s not some casual self-help doctrine it’s that if you don’t organize yourself properly you’ll pay for it and in a big way and so all the people.

Around you know and you could say well I don’t care about that but that’s actually not true you actually do care.

Because if you’re in pain you will care about it and so you do care about it even if it’s.

Just that negative way you know it’s very rare that you can find someone who’s in excruciating pain who would ever say well it would be no better if I was.

Out of this sort of pain is one of those things that brings the idea that it would be better if it didn’t exist along with it it’s incontrovertible so you get your.

Act together so that there isn’t.

Any more stupid pain around you than necessary well so then the question might be well how would you go about getting your act together and the answer to that and this is a phenomenological.
Too is something like look around for something that.

Bothers you and see if you can fix it so now you think well let’s say there let’s say you go into you can do this in a room it’s quite fun to do it just when you’re sitting in a room like a room maybe your bedroom you can sit there and just sort.

Of meditate on it think okay if I wanted to spend 10 minutes making this room better what would I have to do and you have to ask yourself that right it’s not a command it’s like our genuine question and things will pop out in the room that you know you click there’s a stack of papers over there that’s kind of bugging you and you know that may.

Be a little order there would be a good thing and you know you haven’t there’s some rubbish behind.

Your computer monitor that you haven’t attended to for like six months and the room would be slightly better if it.

Was less dusty and the cables weren’t all tangled up the same way and like if you if you allow yourself just to consider the expanse in which.

You exist at that moment there’ll be all sorts of things that’ll pop out in it that you could just fix and you know I.

Might say well if you were coming to see me for psychotherapy this easiest thing for us to do first would just be to get you to organize your room you think well is that psychotherapy and the answer is well it depends on how you conceive the limits of your being and I would say start where you can start you know if something announces itself to you which is a strange way of thinking about it as in need of repair that you.

Could repair then hey fix it you fix a hundred things like that your life will be a lot different now I often tell people to fix the things you repeat every day because people tend to think of those as trivial right you get up you brush your teeth you have your breakfast you know you have your routines that you go through every.