Day well though those probably constitute 50% of your life and people think well.

They’re Monday and I don’t need to pay.

To them it’s like no no that’s exactly wrong the things you do every day those are the most important things you do hands-down all you have to do is do the arithmetic you figured out right away so 100 adjustments to your broader domain of being and there’s a lot less rubbish and there’s a lot less rubbish around and a lot fewer traps for you to step into and so that’s in keeping with the ewings idea about erasing the.

Dis once you’ve got your mind and your emotions together and once you’re acting that out then you can extend what you’re willing to consider yourself and start fixing up the things that are part of your broader extent now sometimes you don’t know how to do that so you might say.

Imagine you’re walking down Bloor Street and there’s this guy who’s like alcoholic and schizophrenic and has been on the streets for 10 years he sort of stumbled towards you.

And you know incoherently mutters something that’s a problem and it would be good if you could fix it but you haven’t got a clue about how to fix that you just walk around that and go find something that you could fix because if.

You muck about it not not only is it unlikely that you’ll help that person it’s very likely that you’ll get.

Hurt yourself so you know just because while you’re experiencing things announce themselves as in need of repair doesn’t mean that it’s you right then and there that should repair them you have to have some humility you know you don’t walk up to a helicopter that isn’t working and just start tinkering away with it you have to stay within your domain of.

Confidence but most of the time if people look at their lives you know it’s very interesting thing to do.

I like that I like the idea of the room because you can do that at the drop of a hat you know we go back to where you live.

And sit down and think okay I’m gonna make this place better for half an hour what should I do if they have to ask and things will just pop up like mad and it’s partly because your mind.

Is a very strange thing as soon as you give it a name a genuine name it’ll reconfigure the world in.

Keeping with that aim that that’s actually how you see to begin with and so if you set it a task.

Especially if you have to be genuine about it which is why you have to bring your thoughts and emotions together and then you have to get them in your body so you’re acting consistently.

You have to be genuine about the aim but once you aim.

The world will reconfigure itself around that aim which is very strange and and it’s it’s it’s technically true you know the best example of that you have all seen this video where you watch the basketballs being tossed back and forth between members of the white team versus the black team and while you’re doing that a gorilla walks up into the middle of.

The video and you don’t see it.

It’s like you know if you thought about that experiment for about five years that would be about the right amount of time to spend thinking about it because what it shows.