You is that you see what you aim at and that man if you can get one thing through your head and as a consequence of.

Even being in university that would be a good one you see what you aim at and so because one inference you might.

Draw from that is be careful what you aim at right it’s what you aim at determines the way the world manifests itself to you and so.

If the world is manifesting itself in a very negative way one thing to ask is are you aiming at the right thing now you know I’m not trying to reduce every these problems to an.

Improper aim people get cut off at the knees for all sorts of reasons you know they get sick they have accidents there’s a random element to being nuts for sure but and so you don’t want to take anything even that particular phrase too far you want to bind it with the.

Fact that random things do happen to people but it’s still a great.